Jawa 250 Perak Type 11 made in 1950

Jawa 250 Perak Type 11 made in 1950


Jawa 250 Perak (Springer or Feather) Type 11 was developed secretly during WWII and after the war it was considered as the most progressive motorcycle in the world with its compact design. It featured front and rear shock absorbers, gearbox combined in one block with engine, water drop shapes and semi automatic clutch developed in 1944.

Jawa 350 Perak and Trailer PAV40 - Modernised

Jawa 350 Perak and Trailer PAV40 - Modernised

My father used to ride this Jawa until about 1980. Later it was dismantled and left untouched until 1992 when I started restoring it. It took me many autumn and winter weekends to assemble it to a ridable condition. I kept improving this bike (all by myself) during the following 10 years until this result was achieved.

The engine is from a later model of Jawa 350 / 360 which is very identical – water drop shape – to original engine of Jawa 250 Perak. Fuel tank was lowered to allow for better handling in bends. Alluminium engine block was carefully polished. Foot pegs were moved forward to achieve more comfortable sitting position. Front fork has been extended by 120mm. Front mud guard is in it’s original condition.


I bought it in 2001 and it was still wrapped in it’s original 50 year old packaging never been used since it was made. Fuel tank is in its original condition never been resprayed or rechromed since it was made 59 years ago. Trailer Pav 40 handles exceptionally well due to light weight, single wheel and sufficient suspension. It can carry a load of 50kg.


The following are links to a technical specifications and pictures of Jawa 250/350 Perak:

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