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I provide high quality service to motorbikes & scooters. Not just that. I can teach you how to do it YOURSELF so your next service will be ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Your satisfaction guaranteed!

Price:     $ 95/hour   $ 80/hour



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0422 625 044

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Over 30 years of motorcycle/scooter servicing & repairs

What Rado’s customers are saying:

“Hey Rado. Thanks again for servicing my Aprillia and teaching me about the bike I now have a greater understanding on how it works . The idle was a little bit too high and I fixed it yesterday. It was a 2 second job only because you showed me around the bike which I’m grateful for.  I now have the confidence to sort little issues myself which I would never have attempted before !!! So thanks for the great customer service.” – Lyn, Newstead

“Hi Rado. I rode to work today and the bike was really nice.  Thanks for the service.  Good job.”  – Sam, South Brisbane

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Are you looking for a quality spare parts for your Motorcycle/Scooter? Are you living in Brisbane area or QLD?

If  so then this information is for you.

Here is the list of shops and their contact details to obtain your spare parts from. Have a go and shop around. You will be surprised what the difference in margin is for the shop in the City comparing to the shop outside Central Business District. If you know what parts you need or simply what service or repair your bike requires, give us a call or send us an email for a FREE quote.

Spare Parts For Your Motorcycle/Scooter can be found below:

TeamMoto Yamaha


969 Ipswich Rd

(07) 3426 4480


106 Pickering Street

(07) 3354 5880


31 Lawrence Drice

(07) 5557 1180

TeamMoto Suzuki


1924 Sandgate Rd,

(07) 3259 2980

TeamMoto Triumph


61 Moss St,

(07) 3380 2180


1924 Sandgate Rd,

(07) 3259 2980

TeamMoto KTM


1924 Sandgate Rd,

(07) 3259 2980


969 Ipswich Rd,

(07) 3426 4480

TeamMoto Hyosung


61 Moss St,

(07) 3380 2180


22 Maroochydore Rd,

(07) 5450 3580


205 Lutwyche Road

Windsor 4030 QLD

07 3357 4333

TeamMoto Riding School

68 Moss St, Springwood

1300 307 433


  1. Hi I have a Syms Red Devil scooter and I am looking to sell it and was wondering how much a basic service and a road worthy certificate would cost ?

    • In times when you don’t get appointment for servicing even after 2 weeks, Rado is like a blessing. He was prompt with his work and is a very knowledgeable person. I would definitely recommend my friends to visit him for repair or service. Solid 5 ⭐.

  2. Rado was brilliant. On time for the booking. Took me through my new scooter, told me what to look out for and how to ensure it is running well. Tweaked a few things on the new scooter and its running perfectly now (meeting my OCD-driven expectations!). Would highly recommend Rado’s services. Looking forward to the next service.

  3. Hi Rado
    Thanks for installing the after market accessories for me on my Honda CB500X. Efficient and friendly service and very much appreciated.

  4. Morning Rado,
    I have a 1983 Suzuki Katana 1100, havent started it for over a year as we have been building/moving house etc etc. I was running very rough last time i had it going and when the fuel tap is on it leaks fuel from somewhere. The clutch was also stuck and couldnt get it freed.Are you able to come to my house diagnose what is wrong with it and give me a quote to service as well please.

    • Thank you for reaching out Leon. I have replied to you via email. Let me know if you have received it. Kind Regards.

  5. I have had my Service done by Rado for a few years now. He is incredibly thorough, punctual and very affordable.. I love the fact he comes to you. He communicates well and does what he says. Definitely worth using him.. very happy customer.

  6. Rado came to me today to service my scooter! He was absolutely lovely, on time, VERY knowledgeable, quick and effective in his approach. I could not have asked for better service! I will be keeping him as my regular go-to guy for all my scooter cares!

  7. Hi mate, looking to get my ktm 390 duke serviced at my house in wynnum west. Feel free to give me a call whenever John.

    • Hi John. Just following up whether you have found my response to your enquiry. I replied back to your email address.

  8. Rado is very knowledgeable and experienced on motorcycles, he showed me the intricate parts that needed attention during service. Also provided me with advice along the way.
    Rados experience shows when he does his work. I would definitely go back for his services

  9. I received a very fast and complete service from Rado, he takes care of his customers and he explains very well everything on the service, I had a flat tire on the middle of the road and he arrived super fast and fixed my scooter, I’m super happy with his work I give him 5 stars rating, I definitely recommend him! Thank you so much for saving me today Rado!

  10. Rado is a knowledgeable and trustworthy bike mechanic and all around top bloke! Wouldn’t take my bike to anyone else in Brisbane.

  11. Rado gave my Kawasaki Vulcan it’s first service and talked and showed me through it. Not only does it run great but I have a better appreciation on why I should look after my bike. I will certainly be using him again

  12. Starter solenoid virago 250. Item has been purchased.

    • Hi Ross. Thank you for your enquiry and patience in me responding. I have been away and got back few days ago. Did you get your Virago sorted out?

  13. Rado, thank you for saving me today! Selling my Vintage Vespa & during its safety/RWC check, the front brake cable broke. Thanks to Rado’s availability & quick response, he was able to replace it rapidly & in time to get the Safety Cert today and all prior to me heading to work this afternoon. Thank you so much Rado.

    • You are very welcome Jane. I am glad I was able to help and thank you for your kind words.

  14. Hi, I’ve replaced my battery but the connections won’t screw in? I also have some bolts or screw missing that connect the plastics to the frame and the fuel tank also

  15. Rado came to my place today to help me with some issues around my CB500.
    He was so genuinely helpful and wanting me to learn more about my bike.
    Left me with lots of helpful little hints on how to maintain it myself which was awesome but I’ll definitely be getting my bike serviced from Rado from now on.
    I’d prefer to leave my bike in the hands of an expert.

  16. Top professional service and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Highly recommended services.

  17. I have been seeing Rado for scooter servicing and assistance for the last few years. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is also a very kind and genuine person. He recently helped me with my scooter when it was submerged in water due to flooding, I thought there was no hope but he got it working again. I would recommend Rado to anyone who has a motorbike or scooter.

    • Thank you for your kind words Deanna. I appreciate it.

  18. Amazing work by Rado…he was happy to teach me how to do it myself but I’m more than than happy to pay for excellent work.

  19. Awesome service Rado..! Great response and very knowledgeable. This guy wants to share his passion with all his customers and is keen to explain what he is doing to get folks involved and interested in their bikes. Will be back again next time for sure.

    • Thank you Jason. I appreciate your kind words. Stay safe.

  20. I have a VMoto JX50 and Rado has helped me out with it a number of times. He’s always friendly and super helpful, explains everything thoroughly, and has great pricing – and he comes to you, which is very handy (especially when I have problems getting the scooter started)! Would highly recommend! Thanks Rado.

    • I appreciate your feedback and your kind words Cassie.

  21. Thanks AGAIN Rado!

    Next day service of my VStrom 1000 at my workplace.

    Absolute gentleman and bike wizard. This is why I keep using you. Faultless!

    • Thank you for your kind words Darren. I appreciate it. Stay safe.

  22. Hi Rado. I have just purchased a 2006 Vespa 250 GTS ie with only 2,000 kilometres on the clock. It has been stored away in a garage for years and hardly saw any action hence the long mileage. I’m interested in having the bike fully serviced and checked over for any issues that might arise as a result of its low use over the years. In particular I’m keen to make sure that everything that can and should be greased and lubricated, is! What would a call out to Ferny Hills with a full service plus a descent inspection cost please. Also, if the belt needed replacing (which I doubt it would given the age and construction on these belts) what would the total cost of a home visit, plus the belt and full service cost?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Howard. Thank you for reaching out. I have responded to your enquiry directly via email. Enjoy your day.

  23. Hi Rado

    It’s Greg Tait from 5/99 Bilyana Street, Balmoral here. You did my initial (300km) service on my 125cc Scooterelli back in mid-2021.
    I’d like you to do my next service (1300km) and also do a roadworthy check as I am planning to sell within the next month (as my circumstances have changed).

    I’d like you to service at my place again, maybe on Friday 11 February if possible. Otherwise, I can fit in with your availability.

    Cheers, Greg
    0417 016 880

    • Thank you for reaching out Greg. I am glad I could have been of service. Enjoy your day and your new adventure.

  24. Rado found a pin I had dropped into the heat shield during servicing. Saved me a bunch of time. Being able to learn from a service while its happening makes it even more value. Cheers – Andy

    • I am glad I could help Andy. Stay safe. 😊

  25. Hello, I have a Znen 50cc moped that for the life of me won’t start. It’s at Emergency Services, Kedron. Are you able to help me?

    • Thank you for your enquiry and your phone call Shank. See you tomorrow.

  26. Hi Rado, I have a Yamaha SRV250 that is stalling a lot. Could be fuel, could be electrics. Tried riding home in the rain today and had to leave it parked and walk home! I’m located in Wilston and would like you to take a look at it and show me the basics of a service.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Penny. Thank you for your enquiry. I have just replied to you via email. Regards.

    • Great to meet you today Rado. A great service and lesson on the basic maintenance of the bike.
      If anyone is looking for a swift, punctual, friendly and thorough service and repair of their motorbike I can recommend Rado.

  27. I can’t thank Rado enough for the service on my new bike. What impressed me most was that he took the time to explain parts of the bike and what he was doing as he was doing it. I know my new set up and the tips I’ve picked up from Rado will really help my confidence as a new rider. I look forward to catching up for my next service!

  28. Hi, I’m just enquiring about the first service on a SWM Gran Milano in Scarborough and how much this would cost? Thanks

    • Thank you for your enquiry Morgan. Email reply sent.

  29. H, are you able to do a scooter service in Rothwell? I have a 2020 Peugeot django 50cc scooter and this will be It’s first service. If so, can you give me an estimate on the service cost with call out fee. Thanks

    • Hi Gabby. I have replied to your enquiry via email yesterday. Have you received it? Regards.

  30. I got referred to Rado, he was legend. Helped with swapping my aftermarket exhaust onto my bike and went over the rest of bike and taught me the basics, which I was very grateful to learn in person. Would definitely recommend & will refer him to my biker mates. Thanks Rado!

  31. Hi Rado, I am thinking of buying a new Sol Invictus Mercury Mk2 250cc. It is a Chinese made bike. Do you service these bikes? I live in Redbank. Thanks

    • Hi Justin. Have you received my response via email on 23rd August? Did you get the bike?

  32. Rado has serviced my Vespa for 4 years now and always does a great and thorough job. He is very knowledgeable, honest and reliable. Can highly recommend! Thanks for your great service Rado!

  33. Hi Rado. I have a 2007 Bolwell Sym Mio 100cc motor scooter. I’ve owned if for a couple of weeks. It has no service history and was kept in a shed for a few years. It’s only done about 6500 km and generally runs very well. Sometimes it stalls when idling, until it gets warmed up. I would like it serviced, please. I live in Goodna. Regards, Craig 0412813029 and my email address is

    • Hi Craig. I am just following up your enquiry which I have responded to via direct email 2 days ago. Have you received it? Regards.

  34. Hello Rado, thank you for the service to my honda cb 125, an impeccable and professional job, you are very friendly and reliable, 100% recommended. Thank you

    • You are very welcome Diego. Thank you for your kind words and ride safe.

  35. Hello,
    My friend Marian in Carina recommended you.
    I was hoping you could come to our house in Quarry Rd Alderley to service my Honda CMX500.
    10 000km. 2017 model.
    Also need to swap the exhaust for the original as I am very much a learner and need it original to be LAM approved.
    Would you be available next week on Thursday or Friday?
    Or the week after on Thursday or Friday?
    Kind regards,
    Mob 0411 477 136

    • Hi Magdalena. Thank you for your enquiry. I will be able to help you. Email reply sent. Regards.

      • Thank you so much for your work today!
        Punctual, helpful and well priced, would absolutely recommend to anyone needing a mobile service 🙂

  36. Rado is the only person I use for my scooter. He is genuine and gives great advice, and takes the time to explain what he is doing. He’s also really interesting to talk to while he works. Ask Rado about electric vehicles, he’s very knowledgeable and will give you a great perspective of the industry and how accessible electric cars really are. 5/5 stars!

  37. Great service today from Rado on my Kymco 50 Lite
    Had to ask him to come to me as my scooter electrics were faulty but he was with me on time and quickly established the fault.
    Rado also checked for other issues so I feel the scooter has had a good check up and ready to ride again.
    Thanks Rado

    • You are very welcome Henry. I appreciate your feedback and kind words. Thank you.

  38. Rado is very professional and focussed on providing high quality standard of work. On top of doing a great service, he also gave me a few tips and confidence to be able to do my own future services.

    I highly recommend Rado to anyone looking for a bike mechanic.

    • I appreciate your kind words and feedback Greg. Thank you

  39. Hi Rado.
    I have an Iconic Scooterelli 125cc that requires the initial service. I live at Balmoral.
    Is this something you can do?
    Cheers, Greg
    0417 016 880

  40. Hi i am after a service and repairs my 2017 kmyco super 8 2t 50cc I am at Manly

    • Hi Craig. I will be able to help you. Please reply with your mobile number here or text me 0422625044 for a quote. Regards.

  41. Hi – my Kymco Lite 50cc scooter has had a few electrical issues and is out of action just now. Can you service at my home?
    I’m in West End.

    • Hi Henry. Yes I can and will be available on Friday 23.4. Send me a text 0422625044 and I will give you a price estimate. With Regards

  42. Rado REALLY knows his stuff. Great service and extremely cost effective. I’ll definitely be back and I’d highly recommend him to anyone with two wheels and an engine!

    • I appreciate your kind words and feedback Sam. Thank you and stay safe

  43. Thanks for getting my scooter back to running as good as new after many years of doing my own work on it and buggering it up : /
    Rado is a pleasure to deal with, honest and has your best interests at heart. Highly recommended!

    • You are very welcome Peter. I appreciate your feedback and kind words.

  44. Rado is the best, looking after my 1970 Vespa sprint! Very quick and reliable service, he always gets the old girl running! Thanks for your emergency call out responses, I’m sure I will se you again soon! Cheers Marcus

    • You are very welcome Marcus. Thank you for your kind words and your feedback. I appreciate it.

  45. Highly recommended!
    my scooter finally back on the road after the service. no time waste and happy to share the basic knowledge to handle the scooter
    really happy with his work on my scooter

  46. I have been getting both my bikes (1000cc + 125cc) serviced at Rado’s for years now. He is kind and very knowledgeable, and you will save so much money compared to taking your bike to a regular mechanic. He doesn’t waste any time, and will check for any other issues as he works. He will also answer any questions you may have. I have saved a lot of money and gained a better understanding of bikes by seeing Rado. I am probably what you would call a regular, and I still can’t believe the great value. Highly recommended.

    • Thank you Jeff for your feedback and kind words. I appreciate it.

  47. Hi was wondering if you travel to Ormiston ( near Capalaba)

    • Hi Rhonda. Yes I can. I have responded to your enquiry via text message as well. Speak to you there. Regards.

  48. Rado came over and service my bike, on time and on budget. Extremely knowledgeable and happy to share his expertise with me.
    Would have no hesitation in recommending him, I will surely be using him again

    • Thank you for your feedback Tom. I appreciate it.

  49. Hi. I have a 2014 650cc burg an Suzuki scooter. It’s only done about 5000km and no service except for a factory recall. It’s been sitting for about a year. Can you help.

    • Thank you for reaching out Don. I will be able to help you. What suburb are you at? Reply with mobile number in direct message or feel free to call 0422 625 044 to discuss further. Speak soon

  50. I have a Kymco Sento 50 that I urgently want repaired with a RWC

  51. Hi Rado
    Thanks again for helping me out emergently on a weekend. Radio fixed my cracked fuel line in 15 minutes, getting me out of a tight spot and a potentially dangerous one.
    Great conversation and teaching as well!
    Highly recommended

  52. Hi
    Rado serviced my Honda CB125 with oil change, chain tightning/lubing and air filter/carbuerator draining. Really geunine person and did good job.
    On time and honoured the price he quoted…
    Bike runs like new again.. gave good advice on regular maintenance that I can do my self. I would happily recommend him….

    Thanks again.

  53. Rado did my valve check and service on my 2017 Honda 750 today while I watched on. Great attention to detail, I learnt a heap and had a great chat. Highly recommended. Looking forward to next time. Thanks again. Cameron.

  54. Hey I live in bardon
    My bike, a Suzuki gs500, isn’t starting, I think it might be an issue with the battery or igniter

  55. Had the best motorbike service experience with Rado last week. I learned so much during that time about my bike, got lots of extra tips and tricks about riding in general, and enjoyed the chat to a super nice guy. I’ll surely be back!

    • Thank you Johannes for your feedback and your kind words. I appreciate it and am glad that you enjoyed this experience.

  56. nicest dude and best service ever. really could feel the difference in the bike afterwards and happy to teach you whatever and just have a chill chat. I’ll be back !

    • Hi Rado.

      I have been trying to get in touch but your phone number I have doesn’t work.

      Please phone me



  57. I’ve been going to Rado for many year’s now. The service and level of detail to fix or adjust my bike are first class. He always adjusts or checks extra for free every time I bring my bike in for a service. He has great rates. Even though I move around different areas of Brisbane I will continue to go out of my way to get my bike serviced by Rado.

    • I appreciate your feedback Joel. Thank you and stay safe.

  58. Hi Rado,
    Thanks for servicing my Sym Jolie 50cc scooter, and others have said before, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain what you were doing – it’s an important difference!
    Straight after the service visit I picked up some new front brake pads at Urban Scooters and fitted them that day – following your instructions – and all is working well.
    Thanks again, I’ll be back!

    • You are very welcome Richard. I appreciate your feedback and am glad that you now have new brake pads fitted. Stay safe.

  59. Hello my name is Tracie and I had Rado out to look at my scooter well he was absolutely fabulous he serviced my bike and clean the carby out and my bike goes like new thank you Rado you are my bike mechanic for ever now thank you for a brilliant job on my bike, will always call you thank you

    • Thank you Tracey for your feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that your scooter runs well.

  60. I find Rado a straight forward and a very nice guy, good old school who knows his stuff and what customer service is all about.
    What’s great is that you are there watching and talking to him as he is taking care of your bike and explaining you what he is doing and what you can do yourself…now where would you get that..?
    In short I highly recommend him.

    • It was nice meeting you Adam. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.

  61. After having my clutch cable snap on my benelli i called almost every mechanic in brisbane and none of them wanted anything to do with me. Rado was the only one who helped and gave clear information over the phone.

    About a week later my rear brake pads were worn to the limit. I decided to go to Rado to get them replaced and get a oil/filter change as i was due for one in about 800kms. Rado was very polite and informative and answered all my questions. His service is of the highest quality and i can now feel at ease that my bike was truly looked after. Rados pricing is also very fair and has saved me lots on money. I no longer have to pay 300$ for an oil change as Rado showed me how to do it myself.

  62. Highly Recommended. Fantastic service with a smile. Rado came out to my house to fix my scooter – he arrived bang on time and carried out the work to a high standard. Great service Thank you – Dorothy (Kymco Like 125CC Scooter)

    • Thank you Dorothy for taking time to write your feedback. I appreciate it and it was nice meeting you. Kind Regards.

  63. Fantastic service, and willing to show me what he was doing as well as teaching me. By far the best service I have encountered in my life! Top marks and highly recommended!

  64. Eugene Spatny wrote: “Rado was recommended to me by the previous owner of my 50cc scooter. The speedometer cable was broken and its replacement could have been a fairly simple job but due to the scooter’s age, the part wasn’t locally available and had to be ordered from overseas. Rado placed the order immediately and apologised for the delay of the repair. I thought that was very thoughtful. I was able to watch him while working on my bike and was amazed at his know – how and dexterity. He also made some other minor repairs and adjustment quickly and efficiently. His friendly attitude towards me was outstanding, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody  needing his services” Eugene

  65. Thanks for the excellent service. Also appreciated that you taught me how to do some of my own servicing.
    Will highly recommend you!

  66. Top service and very friendly to deal with. Thanks Rado! 🙂

  67. Thanks Rado for the work done the tips and advice you gave me on my xvs650 Bike is running like aDream Thankyou for the Peace of mind Sensational Cheers Troy

    • You are very welcome Troy. Thanks for your feedback and for your kind words. I appreciate it.

  68. Thankyou Rado for the help and work you did and also for the tips and advice on my xvs650. Sensational Bike is running like Dream cheers Troy

  69. Hi Rado,
    I would just like to thank you for servicing my Vmoto today, your honest advice was invaluable, thank you again.

    • You are very welcome Paul. I am glad I could help you and it was nice meeting you. I appreciate your feedback. With regards and stay safe

  70. Hi Rado,
    I just wanted to thank you for your advice, service and for checking out my much loved Honda Shadow Cruiser. I will certainly be using your service again and happy to refer friends who ride motorcycles to you. Cheers Sandy

    • Thank you Sandy for your feedback. I appreciate it 🙂 Stay safe on the roads

  71. Hi Rado
    I just wanted to let you know how well the Thruxtons running now after your service and how much I apprecited your open and invaluable advise with all of my queries. To anyone out there searching for someone who truly lives his passion for what he does look no further. On time and on price.
    Thanks again Rado a rare find!
    Chris Caruana

    • You are very welcome Chris. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that your Thruxton runs well. With Regards and stay safe 🙂

  72. I called Rado to get a quote on cost of mobile service and ended up asking for other info on what the issue could be….scooter has been garaged for nearly a year and Rado gave me all the possibilities that I could be facing.
    Gave me invaluable advice on getting a roadworthy and who to contact….
    You cannot find people like Rado anymore so when you do….let the whole world know…on a scale of 1-10 this guy is an 11 it’s the small things that count..
    Thank you Rado
    Ali Wigby

    • Thank you Ali for your kind words. 🙂 I appreciate it and am glad I could help you

      • Hi Rado……you advised me of a guy that did the roadworthy for me on my Vespa Ruby (since sold and terribly missed) but I cannot recall his name and contact details. Do you have these? Many thanks and hope everything is going well for your business.

    • Thanks Rado for servicing my Vespa S50 2T. I called Rado on Friday, made the appointment and on the Sunday it’s running like a dream. Not only that, Rado explained things as he did the work and provided some great tips to my wife and I. Can’t recommend Rado enough.

      • You are very welcome Ross. Thank you for your feedback, it’s much appreciated. With regards and stay safe ☺

  73. Hi Rado,
    Thanks for servicing & fixing my Vespa. It was so convenient to have you come to our place and it was great that you had everything with you to service & fix the leaking fuel tank. I appreciate the tips you sent as well – every thing helps when you own a tempremental Italian vespa! We’ll definitely be seeing you again.

  74. Hi Rado

    My Scooter’s drive belt gave in the other day and I need to replace it. I have purchased a new one as well as a set of roller weights, but now I need to have them fitted.

    You have serviced my Vespa Scooter twice, once at my house and once at yours. Would you be able to help sometime next week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday?


  75. Hi rado just letting you know that i had a very good experience with you on our first meet. I own a 2008 triumph rocket 3 an it required all the hoses (3) to be replaced. Not only did you do a great job but you were willing for me to watch and learn. Also your response to my enquiries was answered quickly an politely. The cost of the service was very reasonable. Will be back to do the spark plugs.thanks again. Rangi

    • Thank you Rangi for your kind words and feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that you were happy with the service. Stay safe. ☺

  76. Ive seen Rado a couple of times for my triumph datona 675 and each time he has gone above amd beyond of what I’ve asked him to do. Without a charge. He is very passionate about his work and the detail he puts in is second to none. He explains how to do touch ups on my own bike at home which is rare. Highly recommend

  77. I had Rado do the first service on my victory hammer 8-ball. He was very helpful and professional. He took the time to explain a few things to me. My intention was for me to do my own services in the future but, for what it cost me, i think I’ll just go back to him.


  78. Rado came and fixed my daughters Paiggio Scooter. He was on time, friendly and certainly knew his stuff. He cleaned out all the “diesel” yes diesel from the scooter and serviced all the affected components and it now runs like a dream. His business model of coming to the customer was a massive benefit to me. Thanks Rado you have my recommendation.

    • Thank you Mike for your feedback and for your kind words. I appreciate it and am glad that you were happy with the service that your daughter’s scooter received. Stay well. 🙂

  79. Thanks Rado just took the blade for a run and is running beautifully i will definitely be using you from now on thanks again great job.

  80. Thank you Rado for everything, may i just say you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, and to find someone who cares about their field of expertise these days is rare and hard to find.
    And thank u for showing me the things i need to do for maintenance.
    Would be extremely happy to recommend you to anyone.
    Kind regards
    see u in 5- 6 thousand k’s 😁

    • Thank you for your feedback and for your kind words Marco. I appreciate it. 🙂

  81. Rado is a great mechanic, very friendly and happy to share his knowledge – the ideal person to work on your bike! Thanks for your help with the XR600 Rado – it’s great to have it running again. Cheers, Tom

  82. Hey Rado

    Thanks so much for your help over the past week or so with my KLX400. The difference between before and after you casting your precise eye over it is phenomenal. It runs and rides unbelievably better now. I can’t thank you enough for instilling confidence back in my secondhand bike purchase for a trip to Cape York next year. And your customer service, flexibility and after sales service/advice are a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks again mate

    • Thank you Darren for your feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that you were happy with the service provided. 🙂 With Regards and stay safe

  83. Rado is an amazing professional! Thank you for checking my Benelli Pepe 2009 and making it feel like new again.
    The best mechanic I have ever met! Very honest, reliable and he shows you how to maintain and fix your bike/scooter yourself. I am pretty happy and will keep using his service.

    • Thank you Larissa for your feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that you were happy with the service provided. 🙂 With Regards and stay safe

  84. Rado serviced my vs 1400 . Great job friendly guy and honest pricing. Cheers mate.

  85. Thanks so much Rado for coming out to fix my Triumph Rocket. Your knowledge and honest service is rare to find. I was impressed with you willingness to get over to my side of town, given your busyness and your calm and positive attitude to finding the solution. Great bloke, even greater service, cheers!

  86. Hi Rado,
    Thanks for servicing my newly acquired 2006 Honda CB900 Hornet and repairing the headlight. You were friendly, efficient and the source of a wealth of information not to mention way cheaper than a menchanic at a Honda dealer. I left your place feeling very confident in my new (old) bike which is not really how I felt when I first arrived. I’ll definitely be back.

  87. Hi Rado,
    Thanks for servicing the Vespa on Saturday. Really appreciate your level of service and for taking the time to show me some of the basics.


  88. Rado was excellent, my bike was fixed in no time and the whole thing was explained so now I actually know how the thing works. And the very helpful tips keep coming, thanks!

  89. I have had my scooter serviced twice by Rado and it’s a pleasure doing business with him. He gives good advice, great service at very reasonable rates and I would recommend anybody do business with him.

  90. As if you may not have gathered already from all the brilliant comments, Rado is The Best! Excellent service, friendly, helpful, practical and efficient. He even pumped my tyres up with a rusty old bicycle pump. That’s Service!!

  91. Hey Rado,

    Glad to let you know my 250RR is running again thanks to your attention to detail. Highly recommended, punctual, meticulous and guides you through the process of his work. Gave me a few handy tips as he went.


  92. Hi to all bike owners. On Monday 9/5/2016 I rang two mobile bike service businesses to organise a service on my Piaggio 150 Scooter I’m still waiting for a call back from them. I called Rado and he answered straight away. Organised to do it on Wednesday at 9:00am at my place in Bulimba. He arrived on time. Rado did the service and talked me through it and gave me great advice. I will recommend him to all my friends.Forget the rest Call the Best. Thanks Rado. Regards Basil

  93. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for servicing my PCX150 scooter. It was great to be able to watch you do your stuff and learn more about the maintenance of my scooter. Thanks very much for your great attitude and for the fantastic value for money service you provide.


    • Thank you for your comment and feedback Mark. I appreciate it. 🙂

  94. Hi Rado

    Thank you for the professional and friendly service you provided in servicing my scooter. It makes such a difference when this takes place at home. Your work is much appreciated.


  95. Hi Rado,
    Thank you for a fast and great service and additional tips about scooter usage.
    Best Regards

  96. Rado recently (March 2016) serviced my 2014 Vespa Primavera 125. Rado was generous with his time and knowledge and passed on a number of invaluable tips. Great value for money and will readily recommend to anyone in my network. Rado is obviously passionate about all things two wheeled and it was a pleasure spending an hour with him

    Thanks Phil

  97. Rado is awesome. He really knows his stuff. Has heaps of little tips and tricks to keep your scooter running better for longer. You can book your bike in at an exact time and wait while its serviced, saving the round trips and losing your bike for a while day! And on top of all this he is great value. 10/10.

  98. Hi Rado!

    was great meeting you today and having you service my Ninja 300 – i greatly appreciated your tips and tricks and educational run through my bike – its a level of service that exceeds anything else out there. pricing was fantastic and i personally believe you are doing an amazing service to all of those here in Brisbane who love to ride.

    I will be coming back for all of my servicing and mechanical needs. thanks mate!


  99. Hi Rado

    Thank you sooooo much for coming out to the North Side of Brisbane to service my Piaggio MP3 250. I am very grateful that you understood the workings of this type of 3 wheeler scooter as they are not very common. Thank you also for all the wonderful tips and showing me not only how to ride it but also where all the bits and pieces are. At least now when I have to get to these I know where to find them. At 7400 km I will be calling you again

    Chrissy :-)))

  100. Hi rado
    Just wanted to let you know, rubbing the soap on the outer edges of the drive belt. Has fixed the noise issue. Thank you so much for the advice. Went for a ride this afternoon and it was amazing, suspension feels great too! You’ve done a great job!
    Cheers Matt
    Kawasaki Vulcan 900 custom

  101. Great service, good knowledge about scooter and motorcycle

  102. Great service! Thanks so much for fixing my scooter

  103. Hi Rado just putting this on here to say thanks so much for fixing my bike..great job.

  104. Rado serviced my KTM recently and it was amazing to see him work on my bike. He gave a lot of useful tips. If you don’t want to be ripped off and are also looking for a quality service Rado is the man for you.

  105. G’day Rado,
    Thanks for riding out on your day off today to help me with my emergency. I managed to get the bike home then find a new part on ebay saving me considerable money. I would recommend Rado to anyone looking for a good honest motorbike mechanic who wears gloves while fixing your bike so as not to mark anything. Thanks again Rado.
    kind regards,

  106. Thank you so much Rado for a fantastic scooter service. Rado has a great set up in his garage and it was brilliant to be able to sit with him as he worked and learn about my scooter and how to care for it. Rado showed great attention to detail and also picked up a few things that had been done wrong by my previous servicer! On top of everything he is a genuinely lovely person – it was a pleasure to meet you Rado, thank you!

    • Rado

      I have purchased a new battery for my scooter and need it to be fitted.

      This is a call out. I need to arrange an appointment time.


      Damian Perrin

      • Hi Damian, What scooter is it? What suburb are you at? With RegardsRado 07 31910731 “Making Motorcycling Easier & More Affordable”

        Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015 02:07:31 +0000 To:

  107. Hi Rado,
    Thanks for taking me through the servicing and upgrades to my Triumph
    Bonneville and Royal Enfield. It was great to have someone guide me through it as just reading a manual rarely covers everything you actually find, eg having EFI and not Carbs. 🙂
    Thanks again for sharing your practical knowledge and guidance,

  108. Hello Rado, Thank you so much for servicing my Honda 700 Deaville last week. I was particularly impressed with how carefully you dismantled and checked everything necessary…even the air filter which took an effort being under the fuel tank. Also your workshop was clean and your tools very handy. Also allowing me to see the entire service was so informative as I now understand and know exactly where the various parts are up to i.e disc pad wear point etc. Thanks again. I’ll will get back to you when the pads need replacing in a couple of months. Cheers Paul

    • You are very welcome Paul. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that you were happy with the service that your Honda received. 🙂 Stay safe

  109. My GTS 300 Vespa is running beautifully now thanks to Rado. After experiencing a substandard result with another company (where my bike ran worse after the service), Rado has renewed my faith that there are people out there who are passionate about their trade and delivering good customer service. Thanks Rado!

  110. Hi Rado,
    Thanks again for the great work you’ve done on my vtwin 250 and my partners Ducati. Not only have you done the servicing at a really good price, you’ve made it really convenient by coming over to service the bike at our place and your attention to detail and care for our bikes has been fantastic.
    I’d be happy to recommend you to anyone.
    Thanks Tony

  111. Hi Rado.
    Thanks for all the work you did on my 1981 GS650e Suzuki. It made a huge difference to the bike and made our club ride to Longreach and back a pleasure knowing that the bike was so well prepared for the trip. I also learned so much about the bike from you which made the whole exercise so worthwhile.

  112. Old style bush mechanic who teaches as he tunes and a way of chiding my slack maintenance which makes me want to do better. Rado turned up at my place on his bike and set about tracking down a pesky starting problem with what at first glance looked like a modest set of tools. Wrong. He was organised. Had everything to get a bike up and running on the fly right down to a container to take away the old oil.

    • Yep. Rado has worked on all my three bikes now and I wouldn’t think of getting any one else to look at them. fast, reliable, friendly and instructive..what more can you want?

  113. Thank you Rado for a very efficient service on my scooter. It was so nice and easy to have you come to the house for the service, and on a Sunday as well. I will certainly be using you again and have already recommended you business to friends. Thanks for tracking Dow a part for me as well. I have purchased it and look forward now to hours on freedom on two wheels.

  114. got Rado came to fix my scooter, quick with details check and also lots of tips and advices. Great service!

  115. Rado, best service my bike has ever received, the bike is running very smoothly. Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,


  116. Rado was phenomenal!! He was timely, professional, very personable and thorough! I wouldn’t turn to anyone else for service now that I have met him. He was great to chat to while he worked and he showed me how to change the oil, drain the fuel, and where other bits are inside my scooter… very helpful! Highly recommend him.

    • Rachel I appreciate your comment and am glad that you were happy with the service of your scooter. Stay safe

  117. Rado is one of the best mechanics that I ever met. His service is superb, and one of the best thing about his service is, he teach me how to do an easy maintenance for my scooter so that I can do it myself later.
    Thanks a lot Rado!! – akhmal

  118. There are so many great comments on this website and I can see why after meeting Rado yesterday when he serviced my cruiser. Good, honest service, great guy and I learnt some new things about my bike as a bonus. I will be recommending Rado to my motorcycling friends.

    See you next time Rado.


  119. Hi Rado,
    Thanks very much for the service to the Daelim. It is running beautifully now with the idle so much more even. Will check out the links you suggested and will keep on the lookout for a new CDI unit. Really appreciated you showing me the ins and outs of the service – I feel much more confident now to attack any problems I have with a spanner.

  120. Hi Rado,

    thank you for assisting me with my purchase it went very successfully I managed to get a fair price for the motorbike.

    The bike is so nice to ride and I feel more balanced safe and comfortable.

    All the paper work was orderly and genuine and now I am more confident knowing that I have a more reliable bike that you recommended.

    Again thanks for taking the time out to give me good sound advice


  121. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for the fantastic service you did yesterday on my Piaggio Fly 125cc. Was great to see how it all works and thanks for the tips and advise. Will be recommending you to others.


  122. Rado I just got home, thank you so much for fixing and looking at my baby Suzuki Across. You are honest, fun, informative and genuine :). Australian bikers loveeeee youuuuu.

  123. Thanks for a very enjoyable and informative morning. I learned a great deal from you about servicing my R1100GS. It was a pleasure spending time talking with a true motorcycle enthusiast. I will being going on a trip over the holiday period and I am confident that my bike has been thoroughly serviced and checked over. Thanks again

  124. Hi Rado,
    Thanx for Service for my SYM 150. Enjoyed tuition, friendly and informative. Very happy with changes to my rear suspension. Will recommend as soon as I find some motorbike friends.
    Thanx John

  125. Hi Rado thank you very much for the awesome work you have done on my bike. Giving me tips and advice on how to maintain my bike was explained very well. The reason I insisted that you fix my bike is the awesome feedback I read about your services. The knowledge you have about motor bikes is evident and thanks for recommending a more suitable bike for me in the near future which will save me money in the long run and be more reliable. The amount of work you did on my bike to bring it up to roadworthy standard should of costed me a lot more money this was not the case and your services was very affordable. I appreciate your time and service and will definitely pass on the good works to other

    Thanks one happy customer


  126. Just wanted to say thank-you for taking me through a minor service an front brake replacement on my BMW K1300S.

    I learn a lot about the bike and thoroughly enjoyed working side by side with you through the process.

    I will be recommending you to everyone I know with a bike old or new.

  127. My Vespa scooter is regularly being serviced by Rado and I know that I can rely on the professional service he provides. I can see that motorbikes are his true passion.

    • You are very welcome Hana. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.

  128. My ninja 250 was serviced by Rado and he did a great job, still need to source a few parts but as soon as they arrive I’ll get Rado to help me get my bike up and running!

    • Thank you for your feedback Jayson. I appreciate it.

  129. Hi Rado.
    I was interested to see Brendan’s post re the 1960 James captain. I would like to see this bike and wonder if Brendan would contact me . He might be interested in seeing my 1969 bantam too as we seem to share an interest in old bikes.

  130. Rado, Thanks for getting my 1960 James Captain going today, its been months since it was running, and being so rare, others were not game to fix it. I rode it to work today for the first time in ages. Well done. Brendan

  131. Hi Rado, thank you so much for fixing my motorbike and teaching me how to look after it myself. I learnt a lot and was so happy with the service. The motorbike responds and feels a lot better than before and I’m more confident on it now! Thank you again,

    • You are very welcome Tash. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.

  132. Hi Rado.
    Kevin here …( BSA Bantam , Durack. ) Since last talking to you at the club meeting I have bought a 1984 Kawasaki GT750. It needs new seals in the front forks and I was wondering if you can do them, and if so can you get the parts, roughly how much it will cost and when you can fit the job in.

  133. Having a natural distrust of mechanics generally, it was a pleasant surprise to a meet a polite, honest and prompt professional. It was very informative to have Rado teach me how to self service my scooter for future, and now I feel I have that confidence. Rado was patient, and addressed all my questions and concerns.

    • Thank you for your feedback Ian. I appreciate it. With Regards and stay safe.

  134. Hi Rado, it was a pleasure meeting a full professional such as yourself, who was prompt, on time and did a great job on my Honda Super Blackbird, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who owns 2 wheels, keep up the good work, thanks Rado

    • Thank you for your feedback Stephen. I appreciate it and enjoyed talking to you and listening to your stories of racing. You are most likely the most experienced motorcycle rider I have ever had a privilege of meeting. Stay well and safe Steve.

  135. Saved by Rado once again. My bike broke down in the city and he came down to get it fixed and serviced at the same time. Now my engine is purring like a kitten. Thanks Rado!

  136. I am very fortunate to have found a mechanic such as Rado. His honesty, generosity and customer service are to be truly valued. The repair to my 50cc 2005 Yamaha Aerox is top rate.

  137. HI Rado, I can see by the regularity of of positive feedback others have had the same experience I did. You did a great job on the old VTR1000 and I’m glad I found your website. Your knowledge is second to none and your friendliness and willingness to explain what’s goin on with the bike was fantastic. Cheers again Rado, ride safe and look forward to speaking to you in the future.

  138. Dear Rado,

    You got my Honda CBR250RR bike working again after changing the spark plugs. You went about your work in a very methodical and efficient way, troubleshooting the motorcycle in a systematic manner until you identified the problem. I’ve also managed to learn some basic knowledge about various parts of the motorcycle. Thank you for coming all the way down to my place to fix my bike. I’m glad my friend recommended me to you. You’ve got a customer for life.

  139. Thanks a lot Rado! great service and tips!!!!

    Fully recommended to anyone!

  140. Hi Rado

    Thanks for the repairs we worked on.
    I replaced the starter relay as we decided, and everything is fine now.
    Thanks again


    • Hi Chris. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that your scooter now runs fine.
      With regards and stay safe.

  141. Hi Rado, thanks for coming out and sorting out my scooter today. It’s running the best it ever has. It’s great doing business with someone with such a friendly manner. I appreciate your professionalism. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be passing on your number to any friends with bikes.

    • Thank you for your feedback Paul. I appreciate it and am glad that your scooter runs well. Stay safe 🙂

  142. The experience is just as everyone says. Rado is quick and efficient, but keen to teach while he works. He came to my house, which was great as hauling the scooter to him would have been a drag.

  143. Afternoon Rado,
    Many thanks for servicing my 2013 Suzuki 650VSTROM yesterday. It was a pleasure to finally meet you after a number phone calls. Your workshop setup is a credit to you, extremely tidy, well organised and functional. Your service costs were very reasonable and your efficiency was bordering on “legendary” considering that I was on my way after about 40 minutes so that was appreciated.

    Great having a yarn with you,hope you might join me on a ride in Lao or Cambodia next year. A great experience is guaranteed and good value for money.Once again thank you for your prompt efficient service it was greatly appreciated.

    Kinds Regards Graham

    • Thank you Graham for your feedback. I appreciate it. It was great meeting you too and listening to your bike riding experiences was very inspiring. It is time for me to get adventurous and off road again after a long busy period. 😉 Stay well and safe on the roads. Regards. Rado

  144. Brilliant service while you wait. No more leaving your bike at the shop! Honest service. Saved a lot of money, thank you Rado 😀


    • Thank you for your feedback Angela. I appreciate it. 🙂

  145. Hi Rado… thanks for recently servicing my scooter. I found your approach and clear enjoyment of what you do so impressive. All the best.

    Warren Wackerling

  146. I got a service for my piaggio scooter,,, such a great service, affordable and very efficient. And also Rado was super nice and kind person, very tidy and always willing to explain you everything. Highly recommended.

    Best regards


  147. Booked a service on the 11th of March. Scooter could start but due to the build up of sludge in the carburator it kept dying all of a sudden. Great work on the scooter to get it up and running and a 2 hr service cost only $120. I highly recommend Rado for scooter servicing.


  148. Hi Rado
    Just wanted to put on record your professionalism, quick response and ability to think outside the box. Really appreciate you getting my V Moto
    back on the road. Will recommend to all . You really did go above and beyond to help me.

  149. Hey Rado,
    Just wanted to say thanks for servicing my bike. You do a great job for a really reasonable price and I’d recommend you to anyone else looking to get their bike or scooter serviced or fixed.
    Cheers Tony

  150. Hi Rado.
    There is the Taverner’s meeting on Monday at 11 a m at the Lord Stanley Hotel in Stanley St, East Brisbane. This is held once a month and is to help the people who are unable to get to the monthly night meeting. Then next weekend there is the chairmans run, a two day event at Harrisville. Camping is available. It is not necessary to attend both days however. There is a ride both days. I am going to take the Bantam to that one. It is mentioned in the magazine. It would be great if you could attend the Taverners meeting on Monday. Would love to see your jawa there .
    We have an hour of meeting then lunch.

  151. Hi Rado. Great to see you have joined the HMCCQ. I look forward to seeing you at some events. My BSA Bantam is still going well and I have recently bought a 1983 Honda CB250RS done only 9400k’s. It is in mint condition and as it turned 30 years old last August it qualifies as a historical bike so is club elligible.

    • Hi Kevin. Thanks for your comment. Yes it took a while with all the paperwork and I am glad to be a member of HMCCQ. Thanks for your help and inspiration with the membership. Honda CB 250RS? Very nice. Please let me know what club ride you will be attending next. I have not had a chance to attend any yet and looking forward to it. Have a great day.

  152. Thanks Rado for looking after the Piaggio X8. Annoying that a prior service from a dealer resulted in the problem, but great you were able to identify it and get it resolved. Really appreciated! And for once, it’s great not to feel that my hip pocket has been raided…great price for what you did. Cheers Tony

  153. thanks for the great job getting my vespa going this morning and for attending at such late notice. very happy.

  154. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for the service done on my TGB 150Ccc Scooter, and for taking a little extra time to teach me the ins and outs of the bike. I will now be doing my own services on the rocketship thanks to your easy to follow instructions.
    Good price as well, I would recommend your services to anyone with a bike.



  155. Hey Rado,

    Thanks for the service on the Honda VT750 Aero. I can feel the difference in the spark plug adjustment you made as well. More responsive. Helpful friendly service, and very fair with the pricing. Mate, you’re a legend!



  156. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for the service on my 250kawasaki ninja. Runs well! If anyone is looking for a reliable service I will send them your way.

    Thanks alot,


  157. Hi Rado, thanks for repairing my bike!
    Awesome service!
    My Aprilia sportcity one is good now.
    Many many thanks to your work.

    Kind regards,

  158. Hey Rado,

    I received my part yesterday and fitted it myself. I am back on the Vespa thanks to your help.

    Cheers again.

    • Hi Josh. You are very welcome. :o) Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it and am glad that your Vespa is on the road again. Stay well and safe.

  159. Hello Rado, ready to get the machine oil changed plus an issue with a warning light. Is Friday the 1st after 2pm okay. At your garage.

    Damian Perrin

  160. Hi Rado,

    I’m very pleased with the great service you have provided me with servicing my vehicle today and will be needing you services in the future, I really appreciated you’re helpful tips…

    cheers Dan

  161. Hell Rado,

    Excellant first impression. Thanks for a great job and all the hints. My CF Moto 250’s first service. I will be using you in the future.



  162. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for the service on my KLR 650. I appreciate your attention to detail and for letting me watch and pick up a few tips as you did it. Will be back for sure.



  163. Rado it was with great pleasure to meet you and have you service my Aprilia sportcity 250
    Just in that short time of meeting you you taught me a lot about the basic of servicing a scooter. Your knowledge over the years that you have got from your self and from your dad is just fantastic. Please anybody reading any of these comments being left by people who know Rado and have had work done by him , please consider Rado before a dealership.
    Once again Rado an app salute pleasure meeting you.
    Kind regards

  164. Thank you Rado for your service on my Sym VS150. Very professional and friendly. Great advice too. Happy to recommend to anyone.

  165. Thanks Rado, a top job done on my HondaCB250, it’s now running beautifully. Excellent work, professional service and highly recommended. Cheers,

  166. 2nd service for my Piaggio Fly 150 with Rado. Knowledgeable, efficient and friendly is how I describe him.
    I look forward to see him growing the business and continue to establish himself as a sound alternative to the other operators

  167. Meeting Rado for the first time I wondered what he knew. It became obvious that his knowledge and desire to fix something that is wrong became evident. He was not satisfied until he knew what was wrong and the correct way to fix the problem. This was all done whilst explaining to me the problem so that I was educated at the same time. Thank you Rado for your help in starting to fix my highly modified BSA Racing bike. I look forward to our next meeting when the bike should be running smoothly.

  168. Once again Rado has done an awesome job on my Jive scooter!! He always goes above & beyond what is required. He’s a gentleman & genuinely enjoys educating you on how to get the most out of your scooter. He’s affordable, reliable & even took our mower { which others haven’t been able to fix } & got it going in no time…at a much cheaper price than we have beenquoted by other places. Thanks again Rado, always nice to are you mate. Col Weir.

  169. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for servicing my Kymco Bug Vibe 50cc Scooter…..Was very impressed with the smooth handling of it after you serviced it…. Further, Happy as you shared your personal experience about parking and showing us the correct rules of parking around the shopping centres……Now i will be concentrating more on caring my scooter after you showed to topup the fluid and to clean the engine with the greasing whenever required…….

    Will surely be happy to recommend you to my known one for their scooters…..Keep it up…..Good Job…..

  170. Hi Rodo.
    Thank you so much for the great service you provided in fixing my Bantam.I was not only impressed by the service, but you kept me posted as to your arrival time, and arrived right on time. A VERY rare phenomenon in Brisbane !!!!! (Most tradies etc don’t turn up at all !)
    To anyone reading this blog for the first time and wanting a good job done on their bike, you will NOT get a better man for the job. As a bonus I learned a lot about how my old bike works, and that on it’s own was worth the very reasonable price that Rodo charged me.

  171. G’day Rado.
    Thanks again for the service you did on my scoot yesterday. I really appreciated the thoroughness with which you completed the task, and also your willingness to share your knowledge so that I can better understand my bike – even to the point where I may even attempt the next service on my own.
    I also greatly appreciated the fact that your price is extremely reasonable and certainly cheaper than the bike shops.
    I will not hesitate to refer my friends to you.

    Regards & thanks
    Mike Baker

  172. Hi Rado,
    Thanks for servicing my scooter quickly.

    I will recommend your services to any friend who needs it.


  173. I would love to book a service for our Piaggio 125 scooter in Annerley
    Celia White

  174. Hi Rado, thanks for gettting my Mojo 50 up & running again. It was a pleasure to meet you. Your workmanship is impeccable & your prices very reasonable! Won’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone needing work done on their scooter/motorbike.

  175. Rado fixed my problem with my scooter promptly & at a very reasonable price. Then showed me how to service it myself. Was nice to meet you, Rado. Will be highly recommending you to friends. Thanks, Col Weir.

  176. Hi Rado!

    Thanks for the scooter service today – you’ve got a good little set up – normally I would have to take the whole day off work to get her serviced because they always give you a wishy-washy time frame anywhere from 3 hours and upwards – to be done in 2 hours really suited my schedule. Will definitely pop in when I’ve done another 5000K and will recommend your services to anyone in need 🙂


    • You are very welcome Michelle. Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated. Stay safe.

  177. Thanks again for the service of my Vespa which now runs very well. I’ll definitely give you a call next time and I’ve just recommended you to a couple of work colleagues so hopefully they’ll be in tough.



  178. Thanks for the service and repair work today Rado. I always know I’ll get a good job done and good tips and conversation to go along with it!!

  179. Hi Rado,

    Thank you very much for your great service and kind help on finding out all the information. I will definitely refer you to anyone who needs a scooter or motorbike service or repair.
    See you next time.

    Kind regards,

  180. Hi Rado
    Thank you so much for the service on my scooter today and for fixing all its loose shaky bits!
    It feels so much nicer to drive now and I really feel like I learnt alot from you today and perhaps one day I will feel confidant enough to try and service it myself. eek!
    I’ve shared your site on my facebook page and will be sure to recommend you to other scooter and motorbike riders. Stay in touch and take care 🙂

    • Hi Alana. You are very welcome and thank you for spreading the word about my services on Facebook. I appreciate your feedback. Stay safe.

  181. Hi Rado

    Just a quick note to say thanks sooooo much for fixing my Monza today! I took it for a spin and it feels great…just like new again. Thanks for all the info you shared and for showing me how to do things for myself.

    You will be recommended for sure!

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks for your feedback Mat. I appreciate it. Stay safe.

  182. Hi Rado,
    Heard of your service through friends and Guntree but had not taken the time to give you a try, I’m glad I did. Your service was professional and detailed, filled with helpfull pointers so I can start servicing at home. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs a scooter service, thanks again and have a merry Christmas.

  183. Well, 600km after you installed the new piston and things are running like a dream — it’s really settled in nicely. Even when I was taking it easy for the first few hundred kms, it was still faster than before the fix — much safer.

    I finally changed the rollers on the weekend. I couldn’t find a variator locking tool to fit — so I made my own :-)+) It’s 5mm galvanised steel — started life as a post footing — works like a charm.

    Remember how the locking nut was so tight? Well, I ended up needing to use a candle to melt the loctite out.

    The original rollers had BIG flat spots on them — which explains why it was really bogged down at low revs. Now I’ve got smooth acceleration all the way.

    It’s almost like riding a new scooter.

    Thanks to you, I’m riding safe again.
    Have a good one.

  184. Hi everybody

    I’m Nomar, a venezuelan guy who bought a used Jive 50cc for a flat mate and which was broken for a problem with the oil pump. At the Technician Service Shop want to charge for fix all the engine a really high price. I have in my bag the information of Rado and I called him to check how much that could cost and the attetion received starting there was really awesome, he look in internet the cheaper and the most quality parts and sent to me for I’ll buy this. The service is really personalized and very explicited, he know what he talking about so you can put in him all your confidence because him is a realiable person.

    See you and Thanks

  185. Hello again Rado,
    Jessica here – you helped with a fuel leak on my Pepe Benelli in August.
    Pepe has just celebrated his 3000km birthday and is in need of a service.
    Could you fit him in any time soon?
    Any day of the week works for me, and I can bring him to your place for the service, since I am in Ashgrove too.

    • Thanks Rado for the service yesterday. My Pepe Benelli sounds a lot better now and I have total confidence that you found a fixed all the little things.
      I really appreciate that you explained everything to me so clearly after the service and show me small things I can fix myself to make life easier (and cheaper)!
      Wonderful service, I recommend Rado to all!
      Good luck launching the new website and happy Christmas!

  186. Thanks Rado! You did a good job on my Benelli Pepe scooter. I can feel the different now! It was a superior service with a very smooth communication. Highly recommend to everyone who has something on 2 wheels!!!

    • You are welcome Zsolt and thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. Stay safe and upright.

  187. Thank you very much Rado. You helped me a lot on the scooter and very generously you spent your own time to search for the spare parts for me. I appreciate your effort greatly!

    Highly recommended!


  188. Rado Rocks!
    I learned more about my scooter in one hour with you than I have in over four years of taking it to the valley cowboys. The fact that you took time to customise a bolt to replace a missing one is especially appreciated. Also, I have complete confidence that the two problems you diagnosed will be completely resolved once I get those parts in.

    As far as I’m concerned, you are THE go-to guy from now on and I’ll be raving as much to anyone with a scooter or motorcycle.

    Thanks a million.
    See you when the piston arrives.

  189. Thanks very much Rado… you fixed my scooter quickly, diligently, conveniently and cheaply – plus I came away knowing a lot more about my scooter!

    I recommend Rado to anyone who is looking to repair/improve their scooter with someone who is honest and knows exactly what they are doing!

    Cheers, Barry

  190. Hi Rado

    Scott Johnston here. Kymco Bug vibe. just wanted to say thanks so much for working on my bike at such short notice. what has cost me over $250 at other mechanics and a lot of wasted time running around, you fixed in 1 hour at a very very reasonable cost. You are brilliant. i highly recommend any one to use you over any shop any day. thanks again and have a great day

  191. A+ service! Highly recommended.

  192. hey rado,
    i have a cbr250rr and currently having difficulty to bring it to high speed. it runs fine from 0-80km/h or revv from 0-6000rpm. any higher than that the cibby will start to run rough. like the power is all gone. i suspect the engine is running on three cylinder but i’m not too sure. cause it still start first go in the morning. will you be able to check that out for me? thanks

    also do you do tank treatment? thanks

    • Hi. Thanks for your message. I believe your CBR has carburetors.I suspect it is caused by water in the fuel or other sediments in carburetors. Water condensation is very common especially in winter.
      The first step I would take is draining the fuel chambers to dump the water which sits on the bottom of the fuel as water is heavier than fuel.
      I will be able to help you. The tank treatment? No, sorry I don’t do tank treatments. Regards

  193. Thanks again Rado for a thorough service on my Sym Firenze and thank you for checking out the air filter and your advice about the Methylated Spirit in the fuel tank to clear any condensation. I’ll give it a go and I will try Noosa Style Scooters and see if they’ve got the air filter next time I’m up there.
    You’re great value Rado.

    • You are welcome Mario. It was a pleasure working with you. Stay safe.

  194. Hi Rado, I’ve got an Aprilia SportsCity thats due to have the drive belt replaced. I’ve got the belt but it seems replacement is not straight forward. Some special tools / skill may be required. Are you able to do this?


    • Hi Pete. Thanks for your message. Yes I am able to help you with the drive belt replacement. Will email you directly.

  195. Hi Rado,

    Again, many thanks for a great job done on my Benelli re it’s 15000km service. Like your prior work performed on my scooter, I appreciate the job you did now and the info you shared with me. The scooter is running beautifully…like brand new. Great to have someone like you around who knows what they are doing…

    Many thanks


  196. Hello
    I am the proud owner of a Pepe Benelli 50cc scooter – though I must admit it has had a depressing amount of down time since I got it.
    Just last week I has leaving work and noticed fuel was leaking from the bottom of the body as I drove and idled – the fuel stopped dripping when I turned off the engine at lights. Do you have any idea what this could be?

    I have searched some forums and there are suggestions that a stuck float could be to blame so I’ll try to check that out tonight.

    If no luck tonight I’ll be giving you a call – I am in Ashgrove and am very glad to find a local for all my future scooting needs!


    • Hi Jessica. Thanks for your message. I can imagine your frustration due to down time of your Benelli. The fuel leak may be caused by a split fuel hose or as you say by stuck float. I am happy to have a look at it and get it fixed when you need it done.

      • Thank you very much Rado!

        The most valuable thing I gained from your visit, as well as a functional scooter, was the confidence to pull apart and work on my scooter myself!
        Since your visit I’ve had a few problems but I’m no longer scared to find the problem and work it out.
        I really appreciated your patience in answering my mechanical questions.

      • Hi Jessica. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it and am glad that you keep the scooter in check. Well done.

  197. Just wanted say to anyone who is considering asking Rado to work on their scooter you won’t be disappointed. If it’s possible to fix, Rado will know how.

    My scooter is 11 years old and has had very little attention, as a result I have had to call upon Rado’s services 3 times in the last few months and each time he has diagnosed the problem quickly, helped with sourcing the best priced parts and fixed it in a very short amount of time.

    The scooter is running beautifully and I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone.

  198. Hi my name is trevor glass I have an e bike easy ride which has a 48 volt charger – I cannot get it going and would love to get it into action. Is there anything you can do to help. My number is 0411427460. I live 40 mins north of brisbane but I am prepared to get the bike to you to have a look at. whichever is easiest.

    • Hi Trevor. I believe you have received my email response previously. I am just wondering whether you managed to get it running as you mentioned that it needs new 48V charger.
      I am happy to have a look at it and see what is needed. Regards

  199. Hey Rado,

    Thank for showing us how to keep our Vmoto Milan going, the service was great it has been running great.

    I will need you help again as the throttle cable has snapped and I am having trouble locating a part for it. We need your services again to help us get the scooter on the road again.

    Nick and Amanda

    • Hi Nick and Amanda. Thanks for your feedback. I understand that you now have ordered replacement throttle cable. Please let me know when it arrives and I will organise the time to fit it in and adjust it for you. Until then. Take care.

  200. Hi Rado,

    Thanks so much for your great work once again. My little Bug Bandit is now going extremely well once more. After you fixed the back pressure tube for the petrol pump today it seems to be going better than it had before, so I wonder if that crack in the end of the tube has been developing over some time. It may be my imagination but it seems to be accelerating even better than before. I took it on Moggill Road today (a route I don’t normally take) and it coped with those big hills quite well.

    Again, thanks for being able to come to my place; I had become so frustrated at not being able to get it started and you sorted it out so quickly.


    • You are very welcome Matthew. I am glad that your scooter is running well. Best Regards. R

  201. Hi Rado,

    Many thanks for sorting out my Benelli Velvet scooter 125cc.
    The 3 issues I had you sorted within the day, great service and thanks for all the tips you gave me, they will make my life easier.
    The brake light front and rear levers work 100 % after you modified and repaired them, as previously the brake light were not responding when I pulled the levers.
    I also appreciate the job you did to fix the seat storage lock, clean neat job in a very small space and finally thanks for sorting out the oil change, it would be something I would normally do, but with me struggling to get the drain plug unscrewed because there was no o-ring, I was glad you could sort it for me.
    Will definitely see you again if the scooter plays up and I cannot repair it..


  202. Hi Rado, thank you for your work on our scooter. It was great to have someone able to come to us. Your ability to give instruction as well as doing the repairs was greatly appreciated and made it easier for us to understand the bike and have the confidence to tackle simple mechanical problems ourselves.

  203. Such a professional job. My 250 CC scooter was stopping and creating all sorts of issues for me. I rang around looking for a reputable mechanic service person close to my home of Newmarket.
    Most of the bigger cycle service center’s did not want to know me.
    I began to chase mechanics on the Net/Web, where I came across Rado.
    Because of the industry I am in time is very precious particularly the hours worked during the day.
    Rado stepped up and attended my home in the evening, where he went over my bike. The next day the bike failed to start at a set of traffic lights. I contacted Rado, who attended my place of work, the bike was fixed and I was on my way that evening after work.
    I had Rado do a service on my bike the following week….it is running great, such a relief……..
    I will in future have Rado attend to my bikes needs, even though he provides great instructions regarding DIY…My Time is money…..and Rado is Money well spent….
    Thanks Rado….

    • Hi Michael. It’s great to hear that the scooter runs ok. You are very welcome. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. A quick tip for cold morning starts with temperatures dropping at night. After the day’s ride when engine is still warm put under the seat and around the battery an old blanket so it doesn’t let the battery cool down as much overnight. With Regards and be safe.

  204. Hi Rado,

    Just wanted to let you know that my Bug Bandit scooter has been going extremely well following the service and maintenaince you did on it back at the end of February. I haven’t followed up on the alignment of the front forks yet – just been too busy – but I’ll follow your advice. Your simple advice about using a higher wattage headlight bulb was really good. I also wanted to thank you for all the time you spent and the helpful maintenance advice.

    • Hi Matthew. I am glad to hear that your scooter is serving you well. You are very welcome. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

  205. Rado, this may be of interest to you or your customers:

    Graham Selwood

    • Hi Graham. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

  206. I was hoping to book in service and repair for a Bolwell Shark for 28 March. I left a message this morning – could you please contact me asap. Many thanks.

    • Thanks for your message and the call Kate. This is to confirm the service of your ‘Shark’ for Monday 28.3. at 10am. Enjoy your weekend. Regards

  207. Hi
    about 2 weeks ago or so i got one of your fliers left on my cbr600rr outside my house in the gap i usualy do some of my own work on my vehicles but the cbr has been making some weird noises over the recent months and i have not had the time to have anyone look at it! where are you based and is there a time when you would be able to look at it for me?

    • Hi Jon. Thanks for your message. I will be able to have a look at your CBR this coming Friday and am based in Ashgrove. Regards

  208. Hi, my tgb 303rs is having starter motor problems.. It takes a few goes for it to turn over it’s clicking. It seems to be worse
    In the morning after it warms it doesn’t seem to do it so much. Worst case what would the problem/cost involved? I’m more worried about the cost can you give me a worst case quote?


    • Hi Jade,

      Thanks for your message. It seems that the battery doesn’t hold the charge. I will send you a direct email.

  209. Hi Rado,
    I came accross your website by accident in search of a solution to repair my Kawasaki gpx250 97′ model. I had an accident recently after the floods around the brisbane area, where i slipped on the mud which was left behind, and had the rear of my bike collide with a car.
    This caused some damage to my rear fairing, some indicators, brake lever, etc… these of which i have already managed to get parts from wreckers and replaced myself.
    What im concerned about right now is that my frame is definitely bent inward, causing the seat to feel higher and somewhat awkward. Riding also feels weird as i need more effort than before to negotiate turns. I have also confirmed this because the fairings dont bolt on perfectly like before… thus frame = bent.
    I have yet to take it to any workshop so far as they have all quoted me ridiculous prices before ive even shown them the bike.
    Anyway, I am hopeful if you could help me out, I stay near the city, and would be happy to ride over to show you the damage done if you think its possible to fix.

    Thanks & Cheers!

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your message. I am sorry to hear about your accident. Yes, I will be happy to have a look at your bike. Will email you directly.
      Have a great week. Regards.

  210. Hi there Rado!
    I came across your website kind of by accident as I searched for a mobile scooter mechanic in North Brisbane… I’m not sure if you can help me, but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.
    I recently purchased a brand new 50cc V-Moto Milan scooter to commute to and from work each day. Everything was running perfectly until she had her first service at around 420k. I’m not sure if the issues that arose after the service are directly linked to the service or just coincidental, but she became much harder to start – often refusing to start at all, or starting and then quickly powering down and sometimes (very rarely) working well. I contacted the service team (at the place of purchase and service) and they were not very helpful at all, stating that I would have to transport the scooter to the nearest V-Moto service centre (min 1 hour away) and that I should have RACQ breakdown service for times like this. They stated that the issue would have nothing to do with the service and that I probably have water in my petrol due to recent flooding (this may or may not be true).
    I recently tried to ride the scooter to a local Motorcycle mechanic who had agreed to take a look at her, but 100m down the road she stopped and could not be started again – I pushed her home.
    So I’m writing this long…drawn out version of events, hoping you may be able to help me or know someone who can. I am at Bracken Ridge and needing a wonderful, honest mechanic to come to my house and look at (hopefully fix) my scooter, before I wear out my Virago (which I am now riding to work) from riding such short distances (5km each way- this is the reason I purchased the scooter in the first place).
    I thank you for your time (and patience reading this) and look forward to your reply.

    Many kind regards


    • Hi Wendy. Thanks for your email. I can imagine your frustration when the service of your scooter created more problems than solutions. I am happy to have a look at your scooter in Bracken Ridge and am going to email you directly. Enjoy your day.

  211. Hi Rado,

    I came across your flyer in my letterbox! So I have chased up your website here.
    I own a bug bandit 50cc scooter that I bought second hand at the end of last year. It is going fine but I’m not 100% sure of the service history so I thought I should have it serviced/looked at. I’m also interested in your offer to teach people how they can do it themselves! The scooter has done 3273 ks but is quite a few years old. Do you do servicing out of hours or on weekends? And where is your workshop? I live in Bardon and work in West End.

    • Hi Matthew. Thanks for your message. I am sending you a direct email with your questions answered. Enjoy your day.

  212. Excellent Work Rado! Thank you!
    Persistent and innovative and highly, highly skilled.
    Saved me $$ and hassle trying to find parts for my Benelli Pepe by fixing the ones I had.
    I’m looking forward to working with you again. Unfortunately now it seems that won’t need to be for a while. Shucks hey!
    All the best

    • Thanks for your feedback Madonna. I appreciate it. With Regards and be safe.

  213. Hi. My Piaggio Liberty is due for a 20K service, but I would like to get mobile service, because:

    . the tubing under the seat from the petrol tank to the carby has developed a split, and fuel drips down onto the hot muffler. I do not want to ride it for obvious danger.

    So I would look to getting this repaired at home and the 20K service at the same time.

    Is this possible?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your message. Yes, it is possible. I am sending you a direct email with your questions answered.
      “Making Motorcycling Easier & More Affordable”

  214. Hi, I’m looking to get a service donw on my Sym VS125… I live in coorparoo.

    How much will the services cost and can you show me how to adjust the brake levers and fix the head lamp?..

    Much appreciated.

    • Hi Jason,
      This is just a quick email to confirm the service of your scooter for tomorrow, Friday at 3pm.

      With Regards
      “Making Motorcycling Easier & More Affordable”

  215. Hey Rado,
    I own a 101s tgb 50 cc scooter and lately I have had some problems with it. It started to blow some smoke and when the idle was full it occasionally dropped out for a stretch along the road. It has since gotten worse and the scooter stopped going altogether. I thought it was something to do with the carby so i pulled that apart and gave it a clean. The scooter then worked for another two trips until it soon stopped again. Would you recommend getting you to have a look at it/service it or just take it to a repair shop. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Gerard

    • Hi Gerard. Thanks for your email and the phone call. I will see you and your TGB scooter this Thursday at 4pm.
      With Regards. Rado

  216. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for the service last week and all that you taught me. Very much appreciated!


  217. Hi Rado

    Thank you for servicing my 2007 Yamaha Majesty YP400. You did a fantastic job and your rates were excellent. You workmanship was very professional and i will be recommending you to my friends with no hesitation. I will definitely be bringing my Majesty back to you for my next service.

    Thanks again Rado
    Kind regards

  218. Hi Rado, You have just serviced my SYM Orbit 125 and I was extremely happy with your attention to detail and total professionalism. I’ll see you soon with my Firenze. I am very glad that I have found someone that is honest in this field. I will certainly be recommending you with any opportunity that I get. By the way Rado the site for helmets on line is Thanks again Mario

    • It was a pleasure to meet you again Mario. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for the link for helmets. I am tempted to give myself a Christmas present – a new helmet. Have a nice Christmas and be safe.

  219. I was looking for someone to do a basic maintenance to my scooter and I had a flyer from Rado saved for few months. Then I just called and booked a day for it…Well done and reliable…I recommend !

  220. Hi,
    I found your contact details from the ‘Motorbike Riders of Brisbane’ home page, I just joined this group. I have a 1994 Honda Rebel 250cc that seems to have a small oil leak from the front of the head, Im assuming its going to be a head gasket, but Im no bike mechanic and I dont want to pull it appart as I dont know what I’m doing. 🙂
    Can you take a look at this over the next week or so?

    0416 285 626

    • Hi Luke,

      Thanks for your comment. I will give you a call tomorrow to organise the time so I can take a look at your bike, depending on your location. Speak soon.

  221. Hi Rado

    Thanks for the great work on my Kymco Vibe Bug 50cc (14/11). I was especially pleased to learn all the maintenance tips given by you. I will be very happy to recommend your service to my friends who care about their scooters. See you at the next service and thanks again 🙂

    • You are welcome Robert. It was nice working with you. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you and B Safe.

  222. Hi Rado

    Thanks for the great work you’ve done in recent times on my Kawasaki Balius. As you knew, it was up for sale and I’ve now got a buyer……I know this will make you sad…..but I’ve given her your details and told her that you love my bike, and that you will look after her in the future. She was pleased to have the recommendation.

    Take care, ride safe, and if I get another bike down the track, will be back in touch.
    Kind regards,

    • Thank you Robyn. I appreciate your referral and feedback. All the best.

  223. Hi,

    I’ve got a Yamaha 50cc 2 strokes scooter which has almost 7500km. I’ve already done a service at 3500 km.
    I’d like to do a new one now.
    will it be as the above scooter.. 110 dollars..
    Is it possible to drop the scooter on a friday after work (5.30ishpm)… and get it back during the week end?
    Please advise..

  224. Hi Rado,

    I have a TBG 303RS 50cc scooter which has been running for about 3500 km. I didn’t have any maintenance before. I lived in St Lucia. I just want to ask how much would it cost to get my scooter full serviced if you come to my place? Does the service include changing engine oil and transmission oil? Looking forward to your reply.


    • Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for your message. To have your scooter fully serviced you are looking at about 2 hours of work ($110) plus the callout fee for mobile service which is $40 for St Lucia. This excludes spare parts that might be required. (brake pads, air filter, spark plug) I guess that your scooter is two stroke so only transmission oil might be required and that is already included in the service price. Enjoy your weekend. With regards

  225. Hi Rado, thanks for your help today for my bike. It is great to meet you. I appreciate your punctuality. Thanks again.

  226. Thanks Rado for servicing my bike. It was a pleasure and a real bonus to work with you and learn about it instead of the usual drop off arrangements. Very happy with the job.

  227. Hi Rado,

    Many thanks for the service you performed on my TGB 303RS 150cc scooter yesterday (26 August 2010). It’s running really well and I really appreciated you showing how all the different parts of the bike work. You charge a very fair price – I will absolutely be recommending my fellow scooter riders to you for servicing and repairs!



  228. Hi Rado,
    Great service yesterday, speedy to, had my bike fixed in under 24 hours after it broke. Clutch is fine. Would recommend you to anyone.


  229. Hey Rado,

    Just want to say thanks for the great service and showing me how to do it myself. My next service really will be for free :).

    Your value is brilliant compared to those greedy scooter shops.

    Thanks! Mike

  230. Hi Rado, I thought you might like to look at my web site
    Give me a call if you’re interested in anything, i’d be happy to drop round. Steve

    • Thank you Steve. Certainly very hi tech and practical tools.

  231. Hi Rado, I tried to call you earlier as a result of a flyer that I got whilst I was parked in the city.
    I own 2 Scooters, a Sym Firenze 250cc and a Sym Orbit 125cc and I would like to know whether you service these makes of Scooters.
    I would also like to know approximately how much an average service would cost on each one. I live in Bardon and I would also like to know where your workshop is.
    I look forward to your reply
    Thanks and kind regards Mario Morello

    • Hi Mario,

      Thanks for your post. The average price of service for your scooter is between $60 and $110. I am based in Ashgrove, round the corner from you. You are welcome to contact me when the needs for service arise. Until then take care and be well. Regards

  232. Hi, actually, my scooter which is GAMAX SPILLO deosen’t working about 3 days ago, I can’t quick & kick start both.

    I live in fortitude valley, but I couldn’t find repair shop near here. only one of scooter shop never repair my scooter maker..

    How can I go to you… please answer me

    • Hi. Thanks for your post. I have replied with more details to your email. Regards

  233. Hi, Do you do road worthys for scooters….. I have just brought a bug off ebay but needs a little bit of tiding up and safety cert before i can register it and ride it on the road. I am so excited…. cant wait to put away the 4WD and get on the bug! lol
    Cheers Sue

    • Hi Sue. Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry I don’t do road worthys but I will be happy to get your scooter back in top shape again. My friends ride Bugs and they love them. I trust you will enjoy it too. I bet it is going to be fun for you comparing to heavy 4WD. :o) I am based in Ashgrove. Take care

  234. Hey Rado,

    thanks for fixing my scooter, it was really great and I didn’t even hope that someone will be able to fix it! Quick and neat, nice!

    Thanks again.

  235. Hi Rado,
    Thank you so much to fixed my scooter. It was very helpful that you also teach me how to fixed it. I am very appreciate with that. Many thanks again.

    Kind regards,

  236. Hi Rado,

    I live in Bonney Ave, Clayfield. I have VMoto Monaco 125CC Scooter. I just realized that headlight stopped working last night. everything else works perfectly fine with the scooter. I need to fix it asap though because i can’t ride at night now! I was wondering how much would it cost for fix this?


  237. You are welcome Mary. I am glad that you enjoy riding your bike again. Thanks for your feedback.

  238. Hi Rado,
    Thankyou so much for the work you did on my bike. The clutch is working perfectly and riding is just a pleasure again…also a big thanks to your attention to detail with the rest of my bike.
    Very much appreciated
    Kind regards,

  239. Hi Rado…my royal enfield has been maintained very badly with sometimes dangerous consequences, would you be willing to bring it to an enjoyable ride again?

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your post. Yes, I am willing to bring your Royal Enfield to an enjoyable ride again.
      Where are you located? Is the bike in working order or you would like me to service it at your place?

      With Regards

      Ashgrove 4060, North Side
      07 33113773
      “Making Motorcycling Easier & More Affordable”

  240. I am in Ashgrove and can come on site if required Doug.
    07 33113773

  241. As you might know we have classic bikes some need service, brakes etc.
    Do you come on site, or if not where are you.

  242. Hi Jase,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I remember that day when Frank had a fall.
    What model is your Suzuki 650? I will be able to do the service for you this coming Tuesday 2.3.
    Basic service that includes oil, oil filter, air filter, brakes usually takes around 2 hours.
    We need to work out when was your last service done and what it included.

    What is your land line number and the best time to call?



  243. hey there. long time no see. i was the guy on the suzuki 650 that was behind frank when ‘ditched’ he bike up on the mountain a few months ago with the brissy m/c group. i was just wondering what a service would cost for the 650 and what your schedule is like at the moment.
    cheers – jase

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