As a child I grew up near the forest and until this day I still enjoy the magic of riding off road. It’s a thrill to me to conquer mountains and harsh terrain as it gives me opportunity to test my riding skills and abilities to the limits.  

Born To Ride 

I have been passionate about motorcycles since very early age. My first motorbike was little moped called Stadion S22 made in 1960. It had 50cc engine and 2 speed gearbox. I started to ride it when I was10 years old. 

Stadion S 22 made in 1960Stadion S 22 made in 1960

Fortunately I grew up in countryside with plenty of forest roads without traffic. My first motorcycle – Moped was great as  it had very little fuel consumption and that made my parents happy. When I was about 14 I upgraded to Jawa CZ 175 while still keeping the moped. I already rode thousands of kilometres off road before I got my driving licence for the moped at the age of 15. By the time I received driving licence for a bigger bike (at 17) I already had valuable riding off road skills.

After my 17th birthday I started to recondition and modernize old Jawa 350 Perak made in 1950. My father used to ride it when I was a child and it was dismantled and put away for 10 years before I got interested in it. I did all the repairs and restoration by myself except for a spray paint job. It took me a few winter seasons to reach this final condition as seen at the picture. This famous old timer Jawa Perak had travelled with me many thousands of kilometres through Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine on my exploration trips. It used to catch attention of admirers everywhere I went.

I moved to Australia in 2003 and rejoiced at the opportunity to ride a motorcycle whole year round due to a very pleasant climate here. I used to rent a few different types of (both road and trial) motorbikes here before I decided to buy Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere in 2005. I very much enjoy riding this bike due to its strong frame, good suspension and sufficient torque of this well tested and trusted motor. Off road abilities of this bike are excellent. I have ridden it through a real hard core terrain here in Australia.

Jawa 350 Perak, Model 1950 – ModernisedJawa 350 Perak, Model 1950 - Modernised

Family of Motorbike Enthusiasts

Motorbikes have a long history in my family. My grandfather was a locksmith by trade with a passion for a professional motorbike racing. He was very successful and won many trophies. His son, my father had been continuing with the motorbike tradition in the family. However as my father had different interests he mainly used motorcycles as a convenient means of transport.

 It’s my honour to continue in this family motorcycle riding tradition. As I was growing up I spent most of my spare time in our family workshop with my father teaching me mechanical skills. I learned to service all my motorcycles and maintain them in excellent condition.

Reason for this web site

About two years ago I had a “Top End Rebuild” (engine reconditioning) done by a professional mechanics in licensed Motorcycle Service Centre in Sydney while I was on holidays. On my return after 3 weeks I picked up my motorbike in a condition that was far from satisfactory.

Despite that I ended up paying more than the original quote I had been given.  After all the hassle and their unsuccessful recall I was forced to find the fault and fixed it myself.  

That experience and also several similar experiences of my friends motivated me to create this web site. 

You will find here more valuable information as the site develops so please stay tuned. 

Purpose of this site is to help you make your “FreedomOn2Wheels” experiences enjoyable and safe. 

Stay upright.

For more pictures from off road riding click on small ones on the right

Sydney to Brisbane September 08

Sydney to Brisbane September 08

Resting in Armidale 2008

Resting in Armidale 2008

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