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Ebike Testing

It was 10 years ago when I drove electric scooter for the first time. And since that experience I wanted to get to ride one for more than just a test ride. I ordered this ebike 3 months ago via Ali Express from China and after lots of emailing back and forth it has finally arrived. The wait has been totally worth it. It is a beast. Fast and comfortable. It gets charged by excess solar power generated by off grid system. Riding or driving on sunshine is pretty cool. After having driven over 100 000km in electric car in the last 5 years charged predominantly by excess electricity generated by large solar system, it’s now time to do the same on 2 wheels. It is exhilarating to say the least. This bike has 20Ah Lithium Ion battery and manages 70-80km of range per charge. I still do service and repair combustion engined motorcycles and scooters so feel free to get in touch via contact form here if your 2 wheeler requires help. Stay safe

X 20 Ebike

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The Driven has recently published very nice summary of performance, pricing and availability of battery electric motorcycles and scooters in Australia and here is the result. It is very promising to hear about ever growing range and options in a 2 wheel segment:

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Is Australia ready for Electric Motorcycles?

I have been reading articles by for a while and here is their first one dedicated purely to electric motorbikes. Great read. Are we ready for them in Australia? I’ll let you be the judge. Enjoy:

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With daily temperatures rising above 30 degrees here in South East Queensland already comes a risk of overheating of our motorcycles and scooters while being stuck in traffic. I suggest you check your coolant level if you do have liquid cooled engine in your bike. Many 50cc scooter riders fill up premium 98 octane into their scooters and that may become a problem during summer. I have seen cracked pistons in air cooled 50cc engines due to heat that 98 octane premium fuels generate so please remember that your 50cc scooter will run just fine on 91 octane standard unleaded petrol and this way you will avoid risk of engine overheating or any other engine (piston) failure. Another common mistake amongst single cylinder scooter or motorcycle riders is that they fill up fuel with Ethanol in it. Please avoid E10 fuels containing 10% of Ethanol as this will cause your engine to loose power, misfire, stall or it won’t start at all. Stay with 91 Octane fuels without Ethanol if your bike/scooter does not specifically require higher octane fuels like premium 95 or 98 octane ones.


Have you heard loud screeching noise recently coming from the front or rear of your bike or scooter? Or is it scraping metallic noise that you are hearing when applying your brakes? If so then most likely your brake pads are worn out and need replacing. Please remember that is is at least 3 times cheaper to replace brake pads when they are due for replacement then continuing riding and damaging brake disc that will in most cases triple the cost of repair. I am here happy to help if you require assistance. I do have a most common types of brake pads in stock, however, it is better to enquire in advance and allow 2-3 business days for brake pads to arrive. I trust you have found this information helpful and that you are keeping well and safe during these interesting times.

P.S.: To make your riding experience more enjoyable and exciting I suggest you research electric scooters and motorcycles as a viable alternative to your 2 wheel transportation. I am looking for fully electric motorcycle similar to Yamaha Tenere myself while I have been enjoying fully electric car Tesla Model S for the past 3 years travelling 85 000km. Over 60 000km of those were driven on sunshine as the car is charged predominantly at home with excess electricity generated by large solar array. Once you GO ELECTRIC you will never go back and you will not need much of servicing and repairs. All I have done during 3 years of Tesla ownership is that I bought 4 new tyres after the car has travelled 60 000km. Nothing else. Jason at Urban Scooters Bowen Hills will happily provide you with electric scooter or motorcycle for a test drive to experience the thrill of electric instant torque and acceleration. Or you can also walk into Tesla at Fortitude Valley and take any Tesla for 30 min test drive without Tesla staff in the car. Below is short video from our recent trip with friends to Flower Festival in Towoomba. Feel free to also follow us at Tesla Owners and Fans Brisbane Facebook Group to keep up to date with everything regarding renewable energies and Electric Cars which my wife Hana and I are big fans and supporters of. Or simply click on video below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for upcoming new videos.

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Jawa 350 Perak (1950) with unique trailer SOLD

This Jawa 350 Perak is a legendary motorcycle that was built in 1950 in Czechoslovakia. It has won countless awards after the WW2 including the most progressive design of its time. It was one of the first motorcycles with transmission and engine in one monoblock. This Jawa has been in my family since 1981. I was 6 years old when my father bought this bike second hand. My father used to ride it to work 5 days a week until he handed it down to me when I got my bike licence in 1992. Since then I have spent hundreds of hours and ton of money bringing it to the current condition. It is in great working order and it has been fully rebuilt. It has 4 gear transmission with semi automatic clutch. Originally it had 250cc single cylinder engine which was replaced with identical 350cc twin cylinder engine from those times. It runs excellent and comes with modern 12 Volt electrical system from 2015. The paint on the front mud guard (front wheel fender) as well as the paint and chrome on the fuel tank is original 69 years old paint. Short youtube video of this Jawa can be viewed here:

It also comes with very unique single wheel trailer PAV 40 which has spring suspension with lockable lid and carrying capacity of 50kg. It can be detached using a simple multi joint of the tow bar that is attached to motorcycle. This motorcycle has been a part of most of my life and I imported it from Czechoslovakia in 2012. I am selling it because I no longer use it as I am transitioning to fully electric cars and motorcycles. It is a great touring bike with top speed of 120km/h without trailer and approximately 100km/h with trailer attached. It comes with RWC (Road Worthy Certificate) and is registered until November 2020. This motorcycle is advertised on sale via gumtree HERE

Jawa 350 Perak built in 1950

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It has been almost 14 months since my last post here. Time truly flies when we follow what is close to our heart. I still do work on bikes and scooters but 2 years ago I booked myself for test drive in Tesla Model S and could not stop thinking about the power, silence and unbelievable acceleration of electric motor ever since. There is approximately 2000 moving parts (less in motorcycles) in Internal Combustion Engine or ICE car as opposed to around 17 moving parts in EV or electric vehicle. As I have been working on motorcycles for 33 years now I understand what is more reliable and less likely to fail.

To make long story short over a year ago after I spent 12 months on Electric Car research online and offline I established Tesla Owners and Fans Brisbane community group to grow community of EV enthusiasts and get ready for electric transportation revolution that is happening all over the world already. You can find us and join us on Facebook HERE. I still ride my Yamaha XT660 Z Tenere (currently at 120,000kms) more than I drive car but would love to find Electric Motorcycle that would replace my Tenere. It would have to be similar size with off road capabilities as great as those of Tenere. Do you know of such Electric Motorcycle? Please let me know if you do. I am getting tired of noise, vibration, pollution and gear shifting so Electric motorcycle of Tenere size would be amazing.

If renewable energy solutions, battery storage or Electric Cars are the topics that interest you and which you would like to explore further as alternatives to ancient and dirty technologies like coal, petrol or diesiesel (fossil fuels) you are welcome to subscribe to my Youtube Channel HERE to stay tuned in and connected. It is free. In case you know someone who would appreciate a joyride in Tesla Model S and who lives along Bruce Highway between Sunshine Coast and Cairns or Port Douglas tag them here below or get them to contact me via comment under the video on Youtube please. We are driving up the East coast tomorrow, Monday 12th November 2018 and will be happy to meet them and provide them with short Tesla experience. More details in short video below. Have a great week guys and stay safe. I will be back and available on 28th November in case you need service or repair done to your beloved motorcycle or scooter.

This adventure didn’t go exactly as planned as we failed twice in one day. Why? Due to soft boggy sand, high tide and bad choice of tyres. Instead of planned 60km on the beach we rode 100 meters and struggled removing bike from sand. It was a great day despite being so physical. 🙂

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In case you require help with your motorcycle or scooter please note that I am currently away and will be able to help you after my return on 23rd September 2016

Stadion S22 1960

Stadion S22 1960

I am visiting my parents, friends and family at my birthplace in old mining town called Gelnica in eastern Slovakia, Europe Just to keep myself in shape I am helping my friend with his 1996 Honda NX 650 Dominator that has starter clutch worn out so it’s not entirely holiday.

Below is my first 2 wheels with engine in the form of moped Stadion S22 built in 1960. I started riding this moped when I was 10 years old in 1985. This little baby is so much fun.

Moped Stadion S22 1960

Moped Stadion S22 1960

And as good luck would have it I will have an opportunity to experience Motorcycle Europe Cup of Enduro 2016 right here in my home town on Saturday and Sunday 3.9. and 4.9.2016. As a matter of fact I just need to walk around 100 meters from my parents’ place and can watch all the action of heavy off road. Here is a short introduction video for you to enjoy:


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My friend Colleen was visiting us at Easter and she mentioned that they were going camping at Noosa North Shore beach. It caught Hana’s attention and she said to me “LET’S GO TO NOOSA NORTH SHORE!” Fortunately Hana forgot how far Noosa is and we went on motorbike. Rode 45km on the beach 23 of which were in the dark on the way there at night. It was pretty spooky especially as it was my first riding in sand with a pillion passenger. Hana absolutely loved it.

We had a good long sleep in a tent near the ocean listening to the waves in the moonlight. The visibility of the stars was great. Stopped at Castaway Beach next morning where we had a swim and I got swallowed by third wave that came in. It was pretty bad. Hana fished out my hat that I was wearing before I went in. The lunch at New Earth Cafe was absolutely delicious and a great experience too. If you are in Coolum Beach check them out. Below is a short video that Hana made with me doing the best not to drop the bike into the sand. 220 kgs is a bit too much when one has to stand it back upright 🙂

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