The following are pictures of motorbikes that have been a huge contribution to my travelling adventures.

Stadion S22 made in 1960 - very reliable to this day

Stadion S22 made in 1960 – very reliable to this day

My father assembled this moped Stadion S22  for me from a pile of parts that he brought home in a box from somewhere. I painted it blue (my favourite colour) at the age of 10. This moped taught me a lot about off road riding, service and maintenance. It carried me for thousands of kilometres in the forests around my parent’s place until I got my first driver’s licence when I was 15.

Jawa 175 Typ 356 made in 1957
In my father’s garage there was this Jawa CZ 175  made in 1957 originally from my grandfather. I upgraded to this Jawa when I was 15 and rode it off road until 17 when I got my driver’s licence for bigger bikes.

More photos of my recent riding experiences and adventures can be seen here:  MORE PHOTOS


  1. Would be good to see one of your bikes at a 59 Club meet up they look good .

    • Thanks Rob. Yes. I’m thinking of shipping red Jawa with trailer over here in the near future.

  2. Hi do you do any work on early british motorcycles? eg: 1950’s up.

    • Hi Doug. Yes I do. What specific work do you require?

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