Posted by: admin | November 18, 2010

Be Aware of Motorcycles & Scooters!

It’s amazing how a split second can change your life. I escaped a nasty collision with Ford Territory yesterday afternoon with minor cuts & bruises. The accident happened at 3.35pm at busy junction of Waterworks Road and Enoggera Terrace in Red Hill, North Brisbane while I was traveling inbound at about 58kph. I noticed large family car Ford Territory in opposite direction hesitating at the traffic lights to do a U-turn and then suddenly the car was crossing my path, not taking any notice of me, not giving me a chance.

A young mum with two small girls in the back of the car, red P Plate driver, was doing an illegal U-turn, did not see me at all and hit me. As soon as I spotted the car I swerved slightly to the left while fully on the brakes and slamming into the car’s front left corner. Fortunately the most impact was concentrated on lower part of the fuel tank and radiator  while the crash engine guards absorbed most of the energy missing my knee just by centimetres. After 25 years of motorcycle adventures this was my first accident involving another vehicle.
PLEASE dear driving friends, that narrow piece of cleverly designed engineering with its headlight on and with colourful helmet being the highest point is a MOTORCYCLE or a SCOOTER. We are actually making your commuting faster by taking less space on the roads. Please consider us. We are all around you. We are very vulnerable comparing to you sitting inside the car.
*** Please leave your comments below if you ride any motorcycle or scooter or in case you have experienced a similar collision. Thanks for sharing and for your support. BE SAFE! ***

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