Posted by: admin | January 1, 2012


Another year has passed and we have already put up a new calendar for 2012 that has been expected with so much anticipation in many ways.

Now is the time to make your New Year 2012 even better, brighter and more ambitious by planning ahead and implementing changes that have been on your mind for so long.

I am certain that if you make a commitment to changing 1% a day you will begin to see the results of your action taking in no time. Remember that 1% a day is 100% in just over 3 months and 365% difference in just one year.

Below is a short video – highlights of my recent 2 day solo sand adventure to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island that I wanted to share with you. Please leave your comments below this post.

Motorcycle means and represents freedom on two wheels to me and that’s why the name of this website is Check out “10 Insider Secrets of a Safe Motorcycle Rider” and much more.

Stay safe and upright in 2012 and beyond

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