Posted by: admin | October 29, 2013

Motorcycle Jawa 350

It’s my eleventh year in Australia and today is a special day for Jawa enthusiast like me. Growing up with these motorcycles made me appreciate them more and more. As I was ready to leave Team Moto Yamaha Enoggera today I spotted this Jawa 350 parked outside. I took some photos of it straight away and went back inside to look for the owner as I did not want to miss the opportunity to speak to the owner of the first Jawa that I found in this country apart from the ones that I found for sale in motorcycle magazines.

I went inside and it was the third person that I asked that said: “Yes that’s my Jawa out there!” YESSSS!  – was my thought. It was great meeting you Gerard (if you are reading this post). He has been looking after this Jawa very well for many years and he lives just round the corner from me too. I am looking forward to some Jawa rides in Brisbane soon.

ImageJawa 350

Jawa 350

Jawa 350

Jawa 350

If you own any Jawa or CZ motorcycle please contact me. I would love to hear from you and create a Jawa community in Brisbane and Queensland

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