Posted by: admin | September 13, 2022

Ebike Testing

It was 10 years ago when I drove electric scooter for the first time. And since that experience I wanted to get to ride one for more than just a test ride. I ordered this ebike 3 months ago via Ali Express from China and after lots of emailing back and forth it has finally arrived. The wait has been totally worth it. It is a beast. Fast and comfortable. It gets charged by excess solar power generated by off grid system. Riding or driving on sunshine is pretty cool. After having driven over 100 000km in electric car in the last 5 years charged predominantly by excess electricity generated by large solar system, it’s now time to do the same on 2 wheels. It is exhilarating to say the least. This bike has 20Ah Lithium Ion battery and manages 70-80km of range per charge. I still do service and repair combustion engined motorcycles and scooters so feel free to get in touch via contact form here if your 2 wheeler requires help. Stay safe

X 20 Ebike



  1. Hi Rado. Do you happen to service electric motorcycles? I’ve bought a Braaap MotoE last year and I’m having trouble finding a service centre willing to work on an electric motorbike (I only need the mechanical components serviced – i.e. wheels, brakes, lights). Cheers mate.

    • Hi Kynan. Thank you for reaching out. I will be able to service your ebike. Reply with your mobile number and we can schedule it in. Or give me a call.

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