Posted by: admin | January 25, 2010

A day out with friends

Motorbike Riders of Brisbane!

After a busy week it was a time for a bike ride last Saturday. Because of my silly accident on a bicycle at the BMX track the Sunday before it was quite a challenge to shift the gears for me. Ankle was almost double the size and whole foot liked to be up now and then. I only found out that day that I can put my both feet up while riding and rest them on engine guard frame. It is quite comfortable on long stretches of the road.

The first stop of the trip was Australian Motorcycle Museum in Haigslea. Then on to Esk and Maidenwell stopping at Crows Nest for lunch. We arrived at Maidenwell at 4pm and went to see the local water hole. It did not look very appealing so some of us went to swap and test each other’s bikes. It was really fun.
Not long after that I decided to ride home as my foot was complaining for being neglected. I rode back through Bunya Mountains and was home just before 10pm. It was a truly nice long day. Rode over 600km.

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