Posted by: admin | April 3, 2010

Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon

It is Easter 2010 and I have just completed a journey around the world on a motorcycle. With Ted Simon while reading his Jupiter’s Travels – over 100 000km over 4 years through 54 countries. Why I admire his travels? As you can see here on this blog I relate to motorcycles in many ways.

Ted Simon is a true adventurer and a great writer. His humor is so uplifting and funny. I enjoyed every word of the book and wanted to share it here with you. If you truly love motorcycle travels on any level you surely want to read his book:





For more information about Ted Simon and his motorcycle adventures visit:










The following is a video of Sjaak Lucassen who got inspired by Ted Simon and travelled the world many times over on an unusual, if not extreme mode of transport. Yamaha R1 Model 2001:

Have a nice Easter everyone and be safe.

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