Posted by: admin | May 23, 2010


I have had a pleasure of servicing this special electric scooter called E-BIKE EAZYRIDE made by Luyuan -Motor a couple of weeks ago. Luyuan is one of the largest e-bike manufacturer in China and is located in Jinhua in Zhejiang Province south of Shanghai.

This particular e-bike suffered a fall and had broken plastic fairings, electric accelerator and bent pedals.  As soon as i repaired it and made the owner smile again I went for a test ride. It was an amazing experience. Totally quiet ride with just the wind whistling around my helmet. It has two batteries. One placed under the seat and one under the feet of the rider. The tyres used are much thinner comparing to motor scooters to reduce resistance of the road surface.

One of the major benefits is the fact that this e-bike doesn’t require registration plate and therefore is the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly option of transport.




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  1. Where can i get one of these from

    • Thank you for your comment Anthony. I am sorry I have no idea about this specific one however there is lots of other better brands from China on ebay.

  2. Do you know where I could get a 48 volt charger – I have one of these bikes but cannot charge the batterries. I live 40 minutes north of Brisbane

    • Hi Trevor. I am sorry I don’t know. Have you tried ebay? That’s my best bet anyway. All the best.

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