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With daily temperatures rising above 30 degrees here in South East Queensland already comes a risk of overheating of our motorcycles and scooters while being stuck in traffic. I suggest you check your coolant level if you do have liquid cooled engine in your bike. Many 50cc scooter riders fill up premium 98 octane into their scooters and that may become a problem during summer. I have seen cracked pistons in air cooled 50cc engines due to heat that 98 octane premium fuels generate so please remember that your 50cc scooter will run just fine on 91 octane standard unleaded petrol and this way you will avoid risk of engine overheating or any other engine (piston) failure. Another common mistake amongst single cylinder scooter or motorcycle riders is that they fill up fuel with Ethanol in it. Please avoid E10 fuels containing 10% of Ethanol as this will cause your engine to loose power, misfire, stall or it won’t start at all. Stay with 91 Octane fuels without Ethanol if your bike/scooter does not specifically require higher octane fuels like premium 95 or 98 octane ones.


Have you heard loud screeching noise recently coming from the front or rear of your bike or scooter? Or is it scraping metallic noise that you are hearing when applying your brakes? If so then most likely your brake pads are worn out and need replacing. Please remember that is is at least 3 times cheaper to replace brake pads when they are due for replacement then continuing riding and damaging brake disc that will in most cases triple the cost of repair. I am here happy to help if you require assistance. I do have a most common types of brake pads in stock, however, it is better to enquire in advance and allow 2-3 business days for brake pads to arrive. I trust you have found this information helpful and that you are keeping well and safe during these interesting times.

P.S.: To make your riding experience more enjoyable and exciting I suggest you research electric scooters and motorcycles as a viable alternative to your 2 wheel transportation. I am looking for fully electric motorcycle similar to Yamaha Tenere myself while I have been enjoying fully electric car Tesla Model S for the past 3 years travelling 85 000km. Over 60 000km of those were driven on sunshine as the car is charged predominantly at home with excess electricity generated by large solar array. Once you GO ELECTRIC you will never go back and you will not need much of servicing and repairs. All I have done during 3 years of Tesla ownership is that I bought 4 new tyres after the car has travelled 60 000km. Nothing else. Jason at Urban Scooters Bowen Hills will happily provide you with electric scooter or motorcycle for a test drive to experience the thrill of electric instant torque and acceleration. Or you can also walk into Tesla at Fortitude Valley and take any Tesla for 30 min test drive without Tesla staff in the car. Below is short video from our recent trip with friends to Flower Festival in Towoomba. Feel free to also follow us at Tesla Owners and Fans Brisbane Facebook Group to keep up to date with everything regarding renewable energies and Electric Cars which my wife Hana and I are big fans and supporters of. Or simply click on video below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for upcoming new videos.

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