Posted by: admin | December 5, 2019

Jawa 350 Perak (1950) with unique trailer SOLD

This Jawa 350 Perak is a legendary motorcycle that was built in 1950 in Czechoslovakia. It has won countless awards after the WW2 including the most progressive design of its time. It was one of the first motorcycles with transmission and engine in one monoblock. This Jawa has been in my family since 1981. I was 6 years old when my father bought this bike second hand. My father used to ride it to work 5 days a week until he handed it down to me when I got my bike licence in 1992. Since then I have spent hundreds of hours and ton of money bringing it to the current condition. It is in great working order and it has been fully rebuilt. It has 4 gear transmission with semi automatic clutch. Originally it had 250cc single cylinder engine which was replaced with identical 350cc twin cylinder engine from those times. It runs excellent and comes with modern 12 Volt electrical system from 2015. The paint on the front mud guard (front wheel fender) as well as the paint and chrome on the fuel tank is original 69 years old paint. Short youtube video of this Jawa can be viewed here:

It also comes with very unique single wheel trailer PAV 40 which has spring suspension with lockable lid and carrying capacity of 50kg. It can be detached using a simple multi joint of the tow bar that is attached to motorcycle. This motorcycle has been a part of most of my life and I imported it from Czechoslovakia in 2012. I am selling it because I no longer use it as I am transitioning to fully electric cars and motorcycles. It is a great touring bike with top speed of 120km/h without trailer and approximately 100km/h with trailer attached. It comes with RWC (Road Worthy Certificate) and is registered until November 2020. This motorcycle is advertised on sale via gumtree HERE

Jawa 350 Perak built in 1950

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