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Kymco BUG Vibe 50cc with 47 410km

I was so amazed staring at odometer of one Kymco BUG Vibe that I serviced a while ago that I had to take a picture of it. This scooter’s odometer was showing 47,410km. It is quite a lot of kilometers considering that it is a small scooter with 2 stroke 50cc engine.

Regular maintenance and service is the key to longevity of your motorcycle or scooter. How often do you have your commuters serviced? Follow the SERVICE page HERE and give me a call for a FREE quote

Kymco Bug Vibe 50

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Doing What You Love

This is the first post since the accident which I was involved in last year. The time flies and it has been 9 months since. The cuts and bruises on my right leg healed and left me with two scars. One above my ankle and one above my knee. I repaired the damage on the bike myself and the most expensive part which I had to replace was the right hand side fairing. It would have cost me $930 locally. I ordered it through a Yamaha dealer in Slovakia and paid $550 including shipping cost saving me around $380 for other items.

Trip to Clear Mountain and Samsonvale Dam with Hana after the floods of 2011

There has been a lot of opportunities for conversation about motorcycle riding following the accident. Many people asked me whether I will continue to ride. It’s interesting to observe on how many occasions people tend to give up their passion due to their relatives, loved ones, family or other challenges that get in the way. No matter what happened, it definitely did not discourage me from motorcycling as it has been my passion for over 25 years. I believe what drives many people in their activities that they love doing is the following motto:

Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless youre scared.” – Edward Vernon Rickenbacker

Have you given up on any of your passions recently? What is it that has to happen to make you get back to what you once enjoyed doing?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Be Aware of Motorcycles & Scooters!

It’s amazing how a split second can change your life. I escaped a nasty collision with Ford Territory yesterday afternoon with minor cuts & bruises. The accident happened at 3.35pm at busy junction of Waterworks Road and Enoggera Terrace in Red Hill, North Brisbane while I was traveling inbound at about 58kph. I noticed large family car Ford Territory in opposite direction hesitating at the traffic lights to do a U-turn and then suddenly the car was crossing my path, not taking any notice of me, not giving me a chance.

A young mum with two small girls in the back of the car, red P Plate driver, was doing an illegal U-turn, did not see me at all and hit me. As soon as I spotted the car I swerved slightly to the left while fully on the brakes and slamming into the car’s front left corner. Fortunately the most impact was concentrated on lower part of the fuel tank and radiator  while the crash engine guards absorbed most of the energy missing my knee just by centimetres. After 25 years of motorcycle adventures this was my first accident involving another vehicle.
PLEASE dear driving friends, that narrow piece of cleverly designed engineering with its headlight on and with colourful helmet being the highest point is a MOTORCYCLE or a SCOOTER. We are actually making your commuting faster by taking less space on the roads. Please consider us. We are all around you. We are very vulnerable comparing to you sitting inside the car.
*** Please leave your comments below if you ride any motorcycle or scooter or in case you have experienced a similar collision. Thanks for sharing and for your support. BE SAFE! ***
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Scooter Riding At Its Best

It has taken me years to encourage my partner Hana to have a go on a scooter. This Kymco Bug Vibe 50cc is ideal for riders beginners. She has done it and was very happy about it. So was I.

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Rainbow Beach to Noosa via Sand

I wanted to revisit the shipwreck called Cherry Venture which got stranded on the beach in 1973. I could not find it and thought it got washed back to the ocean with King Tide few months ago. Thanks to Google I later found out that the shipwreck was removed 3 years ago due to dangerous asbestos that got exposed. The operation took 6 weeks to complete at the cost of $570 000. Estimated 900 tons of rusty metal was sent to recycling. It was a great bike ride being the first sand experience apart from riding in snow in Europe. I very much recommend this trip to those of you wanting to take your off road or dual purpose bike on sand. Have a good time and stay upright.

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Weekend Off Road Adventure

In the spirit of Long Way Round (Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman) the Gravel Ride covered over 500 kms of twisty rural roads, gravel roads & 4WD tracks. Exploring Mountain Ranges of State Forests, National Parks and Reserves in SE QLD and Northern NSW with friends. 14 river crossings, spectacular scenery, amazing views, all kinds of terrain and rainforests.

Excellent weekend full of adventure.  Top team. Thank You all.

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Weekend Away with Friends

It was the last weekend in May when this overnight trip to Northern New South Wales was organised by Fred.

We were exploring remote areas of NSW via narrow winding roads and stayed overnight in Bonalbo.  Some of us in 4 motel rooms and  4 of us camping next to the motel. It was a very successful weekend. Thank you all.

With friends from at the weekend away.
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I have had a pleasure of servicing this special electric scooter called E-BIKE EAZYRIDE made by Luyuan -Motor a couple of weeks ago. Luyuan is one of the largest e-bike manufacturer in China and is located in Jinhua in Zhejiang Province south of Shanghai.

This particular e-bike suffered a fall and had broken plastic fairings, electric accelerator and bent pedals.  As soon as i repaired it and made the owner smile again I went for a test ride. It was an amazing experience. Totally quiet ride with just the wind whistling around my helmet. It has two batteries. One placed under the seat and one under the feet of the rider. The tyres used are much thinner comparing to motor scooters to reduce resistance of the road surface.

One of the major benefits is the fact that this e-bike doesn’t require registration plate and therefore is the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly option of transport.




Rare Instruments

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Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon

It is Easter 2010 and I have just completed a journey around the world on a motorcycle. With Ted Simon while reading his Jupiter’s Travels – over 100 000km over 4 years through 54 countries. Why I admire his travels? As you can see here on this blog I relate to motorcycles in many ways.

Ted Simon is a true adventurer and a great writer. His humor is so uplifting and funny. I enjoyed every word of the book and wanted to share it here with you. If you truly love motorcycle travels on any level you surely want to read his book:





For more information about Ted Simon and his motorcycle adventures visit:










The following is a video of Sjaak Lucassen who got inspired by Ted Simon and travelled the world many times over on an unusual, if not extreme mode of transport. Yamaha R1 Model 2001:

Have a nice Easter everyone and be safe.

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A day out with friends

Motorbike Riders of Brisbane!

After a busy week it was a time for a bike ride last Saturday. Because of my silly accident on a bicycle at the BMX track the Sunday before it was quite a challenge to shift the gears for me. Ankle was almost double the size and whole foot liked to be up now and then. I only found out that day that I can put my both feet up while riding and rest them on engine guard frame. It is quite comfortable on long stretches of the road.

The first stop of the trip was Australian Motorcycle Museum in Haigslea. Then on to Esk and Maidenwell stopping at Crows Nest for lunch. We arrived at Maidenwell at 4pm and went to see the local water hole. It did not look very appealing so some of us went to swap and test each other’s bikes. It was really fun.
Not long after that I decided to ride home as my foot was complaining for being neglected. I rode back through Bunya Mountains and was home just before 10pm. It was a truly nice long day. Rode over 600km.

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