Posted by: admin | November 11, 2018


It has been almost 14 months since my last post here. Time truly flies when we follow what is close to our heart. I still do work on bikes and scooters but 2 years ago I booked myself for test drive in Tesla Model S and could not stop thinking about the power, silence and unbelievable acceleration of electric motor ever since. There is approximately 2000 moving parts (less in motorcycles) in Internal Combustion Engine or ICE car as opposed to around 17 moving parts in EV or electric vehicle. As I have been working on motorcycles for 33 years now I understand what is more reliable and less likely to fail.

To make long story short over a year ago after I spent 12 months on Electric Car research online and offline I established Tesla Owners and Fans Brisbane community group to grow community of EV enthusiasts and get ready for electric transportation revolution that is happening all over the world already. You can find us and join us on Facebook HERE. I still ride my Yamaha XT660 Z Tenere (currently at 120,000kms) more than I drive car but would love to find Electric Motorcycle that would replace my Tenere. It would have to be similar size with off road capabilities as great as those of Tenere. Do you know of such Electric Motorcycle? Please let me know if you do. I am getting tired of noise, vibration, pollution and gear shifting so Electric motorcycle of Tenere size would be amazing.

If renewable energy solutions, battery storage or Electric Cars are the topics that interest you and which you would like to explore further as alternatives to ancient and dirty technologies like coal, petrol or diesiesel (fossil fuels) you are welcome to subscribe to my Youtube Channel HERE to stay tuned in and connected. It is free. In case you know someone who would appreciate a joyride in Tesla Model S and who lives along Bruce Highway between Sunshine Coast and Cairns or Port Douglas tag them here below or get them to contact me via comment under the video on Youtube please. We are driving up the East coast tomorrow, Monday 12th November 2018 and will be happy to meet them and provide them with short Tesla experience. More details in short video below. Have a great week guys and stay safe. I will be back and available on 28th November in case you need service or repair done to your beloved motorcycle or scooter.

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